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Camping at Yosemite

Discussion of camping and road-accessible campgrounds in and near Yosemite National Park

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Camping at Yosemite

Postby dan » Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:16 pm

Camping at Yosemite
Author: Ann Edwards (---.in-addr.btopenworld.com)
Date: 03-04-03 03:56

I am trying to find out about campsites for tents in Yosemite. We are hiring a car in August and want to visit the area. I am led to believe I will have to book a camp site. Any ideas how I do it?

Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson (---.drydog.com)
Date: 03-04-03 08:55

You have to reserve a campsite in the summer or on weekends (otherwise, you probably will not have a camp site).

The official website to make reservations is http://reservations.nps.gov/

I recommend first visiting http://www.yosemitesites.com/ It's unofficial, but shows what campsites are available and when.

More information about campsites is at <http://yosemite.ca.us/faq.html#campin>

Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Rick (---.ce.ftel.net)
Date: 04-19-03 22:12

If you arrive during the week, you should have any trouble finding a site at Yosemite Creek or Porcupine Flat campgrounds. Personally I wouldn't want to stay in the Valley in August.


Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Dorothy C (---.chw.dowco.com)
Date: 07-09-03 20:42

July 9,03.

Hi We are thinking about driving from Vancouver Canada to Yosemite Park. We will be camping in a 5th wheel. How hard will it be to get a camping spot without a reservation/ How hot will it be.

Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson (---.san.rr.com)
Date: 07-12-03 22:15

The highs in the valley will be in the 80s (sometimes hotter). See the
FAQ for more information.

The walk-in campground, Camp 4, is the easiest to stay without a reservation. But it's crowded and loud.

Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Alice m Hudson (---.ptld.qwest.net)
Date: 02-02-05 16:14

I would love to bring my two grandchildren to Yosemite Park, I have stayed in the small cabins within walking distrance from Curry Village. I also noticed on my last visit there was a building on the way to the Village that also had what looked like motel rooms. There would be 2 adults and 2 young people, could you give me any information on this property.

Re: Camping at Yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 02-02-05 16:37

Curry Village is mostly tent cabins. They also have some hard-sided cabins with or without baths.

The motel rooms are in the Stoneman House in Curry Village. They are similar to the motel rooms in Yosemite Lodge.

Descriptions of the rooms are on the concessionaire website at
Click on Lodging-->Accommodations (or similar as they change the webpage)
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