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camping with dog/firearm question

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:29 pm
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Author: jim martin
Date: 09-17-02 10:42


I am hoping to visit Yosemite Park with my dog in the near future and thought someone at this forum may be able to help me.

Can anyone advise a inexpensive camp ground in or near Yosemite valley where my dog and I could stay for a few days.

Also, I will be traveling with a firearm. Can I bring it into the park if it is dismantled, unloaded and locked in a compartment? if not, can I leave it with the rangers at the gate or somewhere else?

Thank-you for any help,

jim martin

Lincoln City, Oregon

Re: camping with dog/firearm question
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 09-17-02 10:57

Dogs are allowed on some but not all campgrounds in Yosemite. See the chart at the Yosemite FAQ (click on "FAQ" at the top of this webpage, then click on "camping").

I like the Bridalveil Campground south of the Valley or the campgrounds on the Tioga Road, north of the Valley. I don't like the Valley campgrounds because they are loud, with uncontrolled screaming children.

Firearms must be dismantled while in the park.

Dogs are not allowed on trails in the park.
They are allowed on trails in the surrounding National Forests.

Re: camping with dog/firearm question
Author: jim martin
Date: 09-18-02 13:43

Dan, thank-you very much for the information. I'm looking forward to the trip.