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Yikes! Snow! Tioga Road

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:18 am
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Author: Mike B (
Date: 06-08-05 12:15

Help! I'm coming from Florida (I don't even know what color snow is--lol) June 25 and was planning on coming from San Francisco and staying in Lee Vining.

Do you think the road is going to be open all the way by the end of the month or should I cancel my motel reservations and get different ones on the western/southern side of the park?

I need to decide something by middle of next week as I think I need to give 10 day advance notice to cancel. Any suggestions?

Re: Yikes! Snow! Tioga Road
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-08-05 13:00

The Road has been plowed all the way through, but is not open.

There's a big avalanche slab at Olmsted Point that has to melt. The prediction is "at least 2 weeks" from 6/4, so that would mean 6/18 or later to open.
For the latest prediction for opening, see

My guess is you're cutting it close. You can book a reservation on the west side (Mariposa, El Portal, Oakhurst). Or you can stay in Lee Vining and drive over Sonora Pass (just north of Yosemite) if Tioga Pass isn't open yet. Sonora Pass is Highway 108 on the maps and it is open.

Re: Yikes! Snow! Tioga Road
Author: Mike B (
Date: 06-08-05 20:20

I wasn't sure if that other road would have the same problems. We don't even have hills here in Florida (and I'm not kidding), let alone 9000 ft mountain passes.

I mapped this out on Google and I would really rather keep my reservation in Lee Vining. So I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that the Tioga Road in open by the end of the month.

Will Tuolumne area be accessible at all if the road is still closed?

Re: Yikes! Snow! Tioga Road
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-08-05 22:01

The Tioga Road, Highway 120, is open from Lee Vining to Tioga Pass (the park boundary, the crest of the Sierra Nevada) at around 9500'. You can walk, but not drive, into the park at that point. The road is open, but not plowed. Beautiful high country meadows, and glacial lakes (tarns)