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Driving Times help please

Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park. How to get there, what to see or do, and other Yosemite trip advice.

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Driving Times help please

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:34 pm

Author: Woody (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: 07-20-04 13:40


Can anyone please tell me how long it would take to drove from Lee Vining (Tioga Rd) to Wawona. ????

Vistors from England



Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Dan Anderson (---.drydog.com)
Date: 07-20-04 14:24

It takes about 2 hours from Lee Vining (Highway 120, Tioga Road, and US Highway 395), 75 miles.
to Yosemite Valley. Poor weather or night takes longer. The road is closed in Winter.

From Yosemite Valley to Wawona is under an hour (30 miles).

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Woody (---.mouchelparkman.com)
Date: 07-21-04 03:08

Thanks a lot for that Dan.


Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Christine Peters (---.dsl.mindspring.com)
Date: 06-27-05 11:22

I will be staying in El Portal near Yosemite's entrance. How would I get to June Lake (south of Mono Lake) from there? How long might it take? Thank you so much for this service!

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 06-27-05 17:24

It will take about 2 hours to get from El Portal to Highway 395 at Lee Vining, and another half hour to June Lake.

It's a beautiful drive and I would stop along the way, especially around Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Pass

You can get driving distances and times from maps.yahoo.com http://www.maps.yahoo.com

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: sean (---.lmdaca.adelphia.net)
Date: 07-14-05 19:35

Hello!Wondering what the traffic situation is driving from Lee Vining through Yosemite.If you had a choice of doing it on a Friday or a Saturday, which would be less congested?Thanks, sean from Dublin

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 07-14-05 20:18

Friday is less crowded.

Saturday and Sunday are always more crowded than the weekdays (Mon. - Friday).

The only congested area is the entrance stations to the park in the middle of the day on weekends (such as Tioga Pass -- the eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park).

Driving Times help please
Author: Keijo (---.dsl.pipex.com)
Date: 08-14-05 10:17

Am planning to visit Yosemite mid September. Will be driving from San Francisco - how long will it take, grateful for any assistance?

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Karl (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: 08-14-05 13:16

From San Francisco to Yosemite Valley...figure on about 4 hours if the traffic is ok. If you are taking 120, just after you pass Don Pedro Res., take the Old Priests Grade. That will save you a good 15-30 minutes. It's a steep grade so make sure your car isn't prone to overheat.

Re: Driving Times help please
Author: Fred (---.dsl.bright.net)
Date: 08-15-05 21:27

My wife has cancer and riding in a car must be for shorter intervals to avoid pain from being cramped up in the seat and jostled about.

We are staying in the valley, and want to see Tioga Road/Pass/Meadows, but do not know the drive time from the Lodge to the east gate, or at least to the more scenic views on that roadway.

Should we take the shuttle bus instead of driving it? Assuming we will take an entire day for the outing, with nice breaks to stretch and recoup, what are the drive times from the major points of interest along the route?

Any suggestions are appreciated. We will have daughters 19 & 8 with us, and we are 51 but my wife is in chemo and gets tired easily. I guess I am trying to get a feel of how strenuous the trek along Tioga Road and back to the Valley would be.

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