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Mosquitos end of June

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:13 pm
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Author: Barb
Date: 10-09-05 19:06

I am planning several day hikes this coming June in Yosemite. In the daylight hours, are the mosquitos a problem? Also, is there a lyme disease concern?


Re: Mosquitos end of June
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 10-09-05 20:52

Yes mosquitos are a problem in June--it's wet. Some things you can do is stay indoors around dusk, wear long sleeves, get some bug spray (with DEET), wear mosquito-repellent clothing (permethrin), stay away from still water (lakes, marshes, puddles).

Lyme disease comes from ticks. I don't know anyone who caught it in Yosemite. Don't crawl around in the bushes in low-elevation areas and you should be fine (no guarantees).