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Crane Flat

Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park. How to get there, what to see or do, and other Yosemite trip advice.

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Crane Flat

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:43 pm

Author: Joe
Date: 06-16-04 15:19


I will be camping at Crane Flat on 4th of July. I am new to the park. Any suggestions or recommendations. I am 27 years old and will be camping with buddies who are my age. Thank you for you help.


Re: Crane Flat
Author: danny
Date: 06-16-05 19:21

hey there putyor food in zipp lock bags for bears sake.there not dumb they alsoknow what aice chest looks like so leave it in your tent.im 31 and ill be there the 24 of this month have fun and dont drink and drive.

Re: Crane Flat
Author: Yarrowlion
Date: 06-16-05 22:28

Ummm, I'd actually suggest using the bear boxes in the campsite (and making sure to keep them closed). Bears noses are Extremely sensitive (I read somewhere that they are 7 times as sensitive as a bloodhound) so unless you want your tent turned into ribbons, it's not the place to be storing the ice chest and other food (also don't forget that toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo also have scents that smell tasty to a bear). As far as suggestions and recomendations, you could always (as long as the road is open by then) spend the day in Tuolumne, or the Valley (though I'd suggest driving down there early to be able to get a spot to park), and Crane Flat is near Merced and Tuolumne groves (giant trees) so there is plenty to do. Have a fun and safe, bear free, trip.

Re: Crane Flat
Author: Sandy
Date: 06-25-05 09:58

Be sure to check with the Rangers or lodging before you go (like NOW) . Crane Flats is opening much later than usual this year and it may well NOT be open by July 4 - sorry. Our reservations for june 26-30 were cancelled. Sandy
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