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internet access

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:48 pm
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Author: suzanne
Date: 06-02-04 22:59

Does anyone know if there is internet access somewhere in the valley? if so, where? also, for cellular phones - is there any reception up in Tuolmne meadows?

Re: internet access
Author: Peter Lawrence
Date: 06-11-04 03:49

In regards to cell. phone access in the Tuolumne Meadows: Yes there is cell. phone service in Tuolumne Meadows -- provided you have the right type of cell. phone. Basically, your need either a TDMA digital or AMPS analog compatible cell. phone. Cellular phones that are only GSM or CDMA network compatible will not work Tuolumne Meadows (nor will they work in Yosemite Valley).

- Peter

Re: internet access
Author: Musawwir Spiegel
Date: 07-25-04 15:35

I will be at Yosemite Housekeeping next week and would love to know where there is internet access -- preferably via my lap top which has a wireless card and wi-fi capability -- but if not that at least a computer where I can access my email via the net.

I saw a statement that "Email and internet access are available at the Girl's Club Public Library. Access is limited because the library is open limited hours, there are only a few computers, and time on them must be reserved. See list of library hours posted on bulletin board in Valley Visitor Center." Is that what you're talking about?

Musawwir Spiegel

Re: internet access
Author: Ken Roberts
Date: 08-03-04 05:29

We are staying in the tents in Curry Village, as I understand it. Will there be any way for me to gain internet access via my laptop? I dont have an aol account, dont even have a modem, but could get both quickly. My preference would be an ethernet connection or some wireless option. Are either of those available?

Re: internet access
Author: Skip Robinson
Date: 08-06-04 16:30

Spent the better part of last week camping in Tuolumne. My 'standard' (non-GSM) ATT Nokia worked great throughout a comfortable radius. Others in our group have Verizon. They also had reliable connection but only on ROAM, meaning they didn't get some digital bells and whistles. I ran across someone else using another popular carrier who got zero service even at the lodge.

Re: internet access
Author: sharon m oos
Date: 12-23-04 08:16

We are staying at the Yosemite Lodge the end of February 2005. I have a laptop with a wireless card. Is wireless access available in the valley? The library mentioned above has internet access? Where is the library and what are the hours?


Re: internet access
Author: Stuart
Date: 12-30-04 13:39

From yosemitepark dot com:
Internet Connectivity!
Yosemite Lodge at the Falls is pleased to offer our guests Wireless (WiFi) Internet connectivity for guests with their own wireless-ready lap tops as well as an internet kiosk for those without their own computer! Ask for details at our front desk!

As I read it, one must be a guest of the lodge to use the service, but perhaps they're more liberal with permitting access. I'm going on Sunday, so I'll try to remember to post what I find out.

Re: internet access
Author: mumumu
Date: 01-13-05 04:06

Looking forward to Stuart's post.

We are planning to stay there in this August and we have to get in touch with my son who will be taking care of our cat in Japan.

Re: internet access
Author: Joan Levine
Date: 05-01-05 19:11

Is there wireless internet access at Ahwhanee Lodge in the rooms or even regular internet access in the rooms?

Re: internet access
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 05-01-05 19:21

Yes. Starting last fall, the Ahwahnee has wireless Internet access. It's not available in the rooms, but in some public spaces (I think the bar and lobby areas) and meeting rooms.

The Yosemite Lodge also has wireless Internet access at the Bar, meeting rooms, and the adjacent courtyard.

This service is free to guests at each hotel.

Re: internet access
Author: Ann McCrea
Date: 06-12-05 16:40

I have read all the messages - and i to will be in the Houskeeping campground and would like a wifi connection. Sounds like the only luck is if you are a Yosemite Lodge guest - are there any other options?

Thanks in advance!


Re: internet access
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 06-12-05 16:56

I've seen people in the Yosemite Lodge courtyard with their laptop accessing the Internet, so you may just go there and try it and see if it works.

If you don't have a laptop, that won't work. The Yosemite Lodge lobby telephone area has Internet access computers, but you have to pay to use it (it's not free). The WiFi connection is free, although it's only intended for guests.

Re: internet access
Author: adam
Date: 07-21-05 21:16

if your in Groveland cruise by the Netstop for highspeed internet access. Bring in your laptop or use one of our computers.

In addition to internet we also have CD burners, scanners, photocopier, photo printer, memory card readers and an excellent domestic/international phone rates.

Right next to the Iron Door General Store - our set store hours are : M-F, 8:30am - 2pm (often open later due to customer usage) and evenings on a limited schedule.


Net Stop Internet Cafe in Groveland, California

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:54 pm
by archive
Author: adam
Date: 07-21-05 20:59

Hello fellow yosemite internet users !!!!!! Having troubles communicating ???

Introducing NETSTOP - the digital travelers connection. Offering local internet access by the minute or the hour.

Netstop has 7 computers, (currently) with thier own dedicated DSL connection for ultrafast websurfing. Plus we have comfy chairs and a swamp cooler.

We also have CD burners, photo printers, scanners and memory card readers.

Cell phone not working ? Take advantage of our cheap international and domestic phone call rates. Call anywhere in the US, $2 for 5 minutes. This months special = Call the UK for .70 per minute! (no nasty hidden phone card fees).

We are open M-F 8:30am to 2pm. We stay open after 2pm often depending on customer usage. NetStop is also open evenings and weekends on a limited schedule. Please check for current times.

Located downtown groveland (20 minutes from yosemites westgate entrance) across from the historic Iron Door Saloon.

Coming soon - a dedicated office area for business users with internet access and unlimted phone usage.

Please call or email with any questions or special needs.

Thank you !!!!!!

18752 Main Street
Groveland Ca 95321

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Research travel plans
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