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Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park. How to get there, what to see or do, and other Yosemite trip advice.

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Postby mbmsg » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:54 am

Will be staying in Marisopa or el portal area. the last week of July Mon-Fri. I see and hear to beat the traffic go early or late in the day. When they say early or late, can anybody identify a general window of time?
Like what times does the traffic build to the point its just not worth it?

Also looking at Yart, to ease the commute.

Is early anytime before 7 or 6 AM? or the extreme of 5 AM?

Late in the day 1,3, 4?

Just trying to set up my days and understand what we will be able to accomplish from a hiking perspective. We are east coasters so 6 Am CA time is really 9 our time, even though its vacation a 6:30-7 AM drive into the park isnt out of the question for us.

Or on a day were we arent planning a long hike would we be able to cruise into the park at 2 PM without a crazy traffic experience?

I realize nothing is gaurenteed but some time guidleines would be a great help. Ill be spending the next few weeks reviewing this forum for hikes, activities and more advise. Plan to hike, kayak/raft, horseback and would like to bike in the area. So any advice, links, posts that could expedite my planning would be greatly appreciated. 2 Adults, 16, and 12 yr old all active.
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Re: traffic

Postby Phil » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:26 am

It sounds like you're wanting to mostly focus your visit in Yosemite Valley. For all the activities you mentioned, you need to balance out when you get there with when they open for rentals, etc. That said, plan on early being between 7 and 8am. You should find the day ramping up, but not nuts yet. Park at Curry Village and don't plan to move and find another parking spot easily/at all if you do. Parking there should also give you easy walking distance to bike and raft/kayak rentals, tours, food, and a couple stops for transit. YARTS is for destinations beyond the Valley. What you want to familiarize yourselves with and use is the Valley shuttle system.
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