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Suitable car for Yosemite...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 5:03 pm
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Author: Dennis
Date: 07-28-03 10:52

I'm planning to go to Yosemite and camping at one of the outer campgrounds
near Yosemite this August. Will probably drive into the valley to do some
sight seeing during the day. I own a 1991 Toyota Celica GT coupe in good
condition and will be doing some major checkup on it before the trip. I live
in the San Jose area and from my research, it seems to me like the easiest
route would be to go toward Mariposa and enter the Rock Arch Entrance on
Highway 140. I will be carrying a couple of passengers and gear. I'm just a
little worried that my car might not be able to make it to Yosemite if the
road leading up there is too steep. My Celica still got alot of muscle
left, but I don't have any experience going to Yosemite yet. If anyone could
give me any advice or tips (what kindo of elevation and duration I have to
climb, etc), I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks.


Re: Suitable car for Yosemite...
Author: Dan
Date: 07-28-03 10:54

Highway 140 through the Arch Rock entrance is the best road into the valley. It's called the all-weather highway and is the route tour busses take. The road was recently widened and improved (after the 1997 flood).

There is a steep hill down on the way in (and up on the way out), but it's a short segment and I never seen cars overheat there.