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Visiting Yosemite Valley - my review

Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park. How to get there, what to see or do, and other Yosemite trip advice.

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Visiting Yosemite Valley - my review

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 5:17 pm

Author: Steve (Leeds, UK)
Date: 10-08-02 14:04

My girlfriend and I went to Yosemite. I knew I would love it and I was so right!!

Not knowing the scale of the Valley and where everything was located I was a little worried I would not see everything. I had no need. The shuttle buses, rental bikes and our car got us around with ease. We had a fantastic time. Tips?

* We stayed in a tent cabin in Curry Village. A fanstastic place!! The cabins are a bit basic and rustic and, like all camps, you wake up early when the first kids start mouthing off at 7am, but it just add to the ambience of the place and its great to be close to nature. The cabins are on wooden platforms, have a wooden frame and door a canvas cover. They have regular beds in them so its far better than a tent, but not as comfortable or as "en suite" as a motel room! But, at $50 or so, who is complaining!?!? They also have better availability than other places.

* The Curry Camp is great as well. A good pool, good shower block but the Piece de Resistance is.....

* The Pizza patio. Every night we ate Pizza, drank beer and sat in the open air in the sunset looking at Half Dome. Heaven. The places was really busy with a great atmosphere, really friendly and as this Camp has more of an outdoor feel to it was much more enjoyable.

* The downside is the threat of bears. ANYTHING with a scent is banned from your cabin or car. You MUST keep it in a locker. Even lipstick or sun tan lotion must be kept in these lockers which means a bit of messing about from cabin-locker-shower-locker-cabin etc. But we managed!

* As it was my birthday one day we had breakfast at the Awahnee which is a sumptuous hotel. We were paying $7 for a breakfast buffet in Curry's much more functional and less auspicous dining room so we expected to have a BIG bill in the Awahanee - it was only $30, and worth every cent. Imagine Harry Potter's Hogwarts with a Navajo twist and you are there! The service was exceptional and a great dining experience.

* Bike Hire - cheap and a lot of fun. A gentle rather than challenging activity but well worth it.

* Waterfalls - we knew the main falls were dry but it was a big shame not to see them. The tell-tale stains on the Valley walls hinted at the vast scale and majesty of them. However, a great 5 hour walk that will certainly catch your breath took us up to Vernall Falls and then Nevada Falls past the lovely Emerald Pool. So, if you are a later summer visitor there will be falls to see.

* Rangers - very helpful indeed. Want to plan your day? Go there first and they will help you out.

* Got a spare day? If so drive to the Mariposa Grove (1.5 hours from the Valley) and TAKE THE TOUR (the walk is 6 miles) to see the Sequoia. They are great. Then drive to Glacier Point for an incredible Half Dome view if the road is open (1.5 hours). Then back to the Valley (1.5 hours)

* Finally, thanks to Dan who answered some of my questions and helped me decide on Curry. Thanks!
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