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animals & yosemite

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:46 pm
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Author: sean (
Date: 03-13-06 22:34

My family and I are planning a trip to yosemite in mid june. I was curious of any information regarding veiwing animals in yosemite was avaiable. I have already read the general topics of bear habitat and other animal's habitat, but I wanted to knwo if anyone had a particularly good spot for viewing wildlife or is is sheer chance. If any one has any tips or suggestions for viewing the wildlife, any wildlife at all, of yosemite, please respond.


Re: animals & yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 03-14-06 09:42

Large mammals are hard to view in Yosemite.

The best luck I've had viewing bear is walking along the lonely northside and southside trails that parallel the valley walls an hour or two before sunset.
Early in the morning in the meadows is good for coyote and deer. Deer seem to be around all day in the meadows, but are not common.

Racoons are around buildings and are a nuisance. I see them the most in the evening.

Here's a booklet about Yosemite Mammals:

Here's a brief webpage from the Park Service on wildlife in general:

Re: animals & yosemite
Author: Raven Son (
Date: 03-18-06 11:14

Animals are not important. Important are native americans.

Re: animals & yosemite
Author: YarrowLion (
Date: 03-18-06 19:00

I do believe that many Native Americans would disagree with you, many of their traditions show man coming from or being related to the animals, so if the animal aren't important.....

Re: animals & yosemite
Author: Sydeny (64.162.42.---)
Date: 11-13-06 13:30

Animals Are Cool! especially the bears!!! Once when i was camping one right outside of my tent. i was with my best friend Molly!!!