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yosemite hikes early may

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:43 am
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Author: Diane (
Date: 05-01-03 15:19

Are coming to Yosemite in early May for 2 days. Looking for one half day hike(4-5hrs) and one longer hike( 6-7hrs). Have done Yosemite Falls from valley floor, hiked to Glacier Point and Panorama Trail, returning on the Mist trail to Happy Isles. We are intermediate hikers in pretty good shape. Since we've only been here twice we are looking to expand our experience of the park. What would you recommend- given the time of year?

Re: hikes early may
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 05-01-03 16:49

Try Little Yosemite Valley. Hike beyond the Mist Trail up Nevada Falls and continue up the Valley. Wonderful rock formations along the way.

Hike up the Yosemite Falls trail and continue either to Yosemite Point (east of the falls) or to Eagle Peak (west of the falls). John Muir said Eagle Peak has the best view of the Valley. I agree, except it's best in the morning or late afternoon. Pretty bright in the middle of the day.

Hike from the Tunnel View to Inspiration Point, old Inspiration Point, and on to Dewey Point.

Re: hikes early may
Author: Diane (
Date: 05-02-03 07:39

Thanks for such a prompt response, we"ll give these a try!