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Camping in Yosemite Valley in Winter

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:39 pm
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Camping in the Winter
Author: Julie Redmond (
Date: 10-02-04 17:42

Hi Everyone :)

We are planning to camp in the valley this Winter and was wondering what month would be the best? We were thinking maybe the beginning of January? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance :)


Re: Camping in the Winter
Author: Julie Redmond (
Date: 10-02-04 17:43

Oh also, is the village store and curry village open this time of year?

Re: Camping in the Winter
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 10-02-04 20:09

February is the best month. Or at least end of January. There's more snow (although it usually only sticks on the shady south side, including the Pines Campgrounds).

Curry Village and the Yosemite Village Store are open year round. There's an ice skating rink in Curry in Winter.

What's closed in winter? The bike rental and swimming pools. Sometimes the Curry Cafeteria is only open weekends in Winter.

Outside the Valley, the Glacier Point Road and Tioga Road are closed for winter (to cars), as is the road to Mariposa Grove. Some of the campgrounds outside the Valley are closed (the ones along the closed roads).

Re: Camping in the Winter
Author: Julie Redmond (
Date: 10-03-04 18:04

Thank you Dan, your reply has helped alot in our planning :-)

Re: Camping in the Winter
Author: Diane Ferguson (
Date: 12-16-04 15:17


My sister and I are driving from Alaska to Florida in February, it is a drive we had not planned on, but sercumstances beyond our control force the trip.

We are both middle age, but fit. We will be camping wherever we can, my sister has all the Winter camoing gear.

I am flying over from Australia to do the trip with her. I would love to spend one or two nights in Yosemite National park, and maybe see Old Faithfull in all her winter glory. Is this possible? If so How Much will it cost?

Thank You

Re: Camping in the Winter in Yellowstone
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 12-16-04 15:49

You're thinking Yellowstone in Wyoming, not Yosemite in California, for Old Faithful..

If you're going to Florida, you probably mean Yellowstone.
Yellowstone is closed to cars in winter. You can drive to Mammoth Hot Springs in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. Theires no geysers there--just hot springs.

Yellowstone requires renting a snowmobile or taking a snowcoach from West Yellowstone, Idaho.
You can see it in a day and stay in a hotel or otel in West Yellowstone. There is also lodging at Old Faithful, but it costs more.

Re: Camping in the Winter
Author: Rudy Peters (
Date: 11-21-05 19:40


We live in Livermore, Ca and would like to camp close to Yosemite between 28 December and 01 January. Is there any campgrounds open? I have a 27' travel trailer. Full hookups would be nice however, not necessary. Is there any camgrounds open during this time frame? Also can we enter the park and visit the attractions during this timeframe? What roads would be open?


Camping Yosemite in Travel Trailer in January

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:41 pm
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Author: Daniel Gonzales (
Date: 11-01-03 12:23

Are there camp grounds open then and are there Trailer sites with hook-ups or at least electricy for hook-up. If so, how do I make reservations or is it first come first served.

Re: Camping Yosemite in Travel Trailer in January
Author: Dan Anderson (10.11.12.---)
Date: 11-02-03 09:05

See for unofficial campground information in Yosemite. The trailer sites do not have any hookups, but there is a sanitary dump station. The Upper Pines Campground is open in Winter in the Valley, and a few others (Wawona in the south) outside the valley.

Re: Camping Yosemite in Travel Trailer in January
Author: Daniel Gonzales (
Date: 11-02-03 13:37

Thanks so much for the info

Re: Camping Yosemite in Travel Trailer in January
Author: greg lipinski (
Date: 12-30-04 14:05

no. 1, will the roads in the valley be open New years weekend,
no. 2, will the park be open to the public that weekend,

Re: Camping Yosemite in Travel Trailer in January
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 12-30-04 17:33

1) The roads in the valley are open. There's some construction going on west of Yosemite Lodge (replacing the sewer line I think), but traffic is rerouted from the Northside Drive to the Southside Drive. Southside Drive will be 2-day for the next few months (Winter 2005).

There is some road reconstruction on Highway 120 (tunnel repair). The Highway is open, but there may be delays for up to an hour (weekdays only).

2) The park is open 24-hours a day. A few years ago the Park was closed on Memorial Day to new traffic, due to excessive numbers of visitors, but that hasn't happened in a few years. It has never occurred outside of Memorial Day and maybe Fourth of July.

Camping in February and battery charging

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:42 pm
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Author: Terri Wright (
Date: 12-19-03 11:39

Probably a crazy question, but...

We would like to camp at Upper Pines in our pop up tent trailer with two
small children. I'm concerned about my battery usage for heat and lights.
Any chance I could charge a battery somewhere in the park? I have a
charger, just need an outlet. I'd really hate to even think about a

Thanks. Great website.

Re: Camping in February
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 12-19-03 17:38

The bathrooms have an outlet that people use for cell phone batteries and alike. No campsite in the park has hookups. I never seen anyone use a car battery, if that's what you're thinking.

Generators can only be used during the day just for your information.

Re: Camping in February
Author: deb (
Date: 01-21-04 12:20

My husband picked up a very inexpensive "generator" at Target last year. It's NOT gas powered, it actually charges at your home first and then will hold a certain amount of voltage for so many hours. It's AWESOME. We were running our laptops as well as a tiny little black and white TV off it on our last trip. Here's a link to one that is something like what I'm talking about. We also invested in Solar Powered/Windup Flashlights, and radio.
This one actually has a solar powered recharging so it must be very expensive... I'm don't understand much about the voltage and all that though. The one we have recharges from the Car Battery... ... o.phpystem

By the way, we plan on camping over the President's Day Weekend, so we'll be out there in February as well!

Re: Camping in February
Author: the San Diego Highwayman (
Date: 04-21-04 22:36

Solar battery charger? JC Whitney catalog lists many types -- :)

Camping in december

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:01 pm
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Author: Luciana (
Date: 11-18-01 12:07


we are planning on going to Yosemite this December (between the 20 and 30).
We would like to know if the weather it's too cold there those days to go on camping. If not, please tell us, which will be the best campground to go and if we need special equipment because of the low temperatures.



Re: Camping in december
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 11-18-01 16:11


December is cold. The only campgrounds open now, until spring, are in Yosemite Valley. They are low, but are in the shade much of the day.There's usually little or no snow in the valley, but it's still cold (20 - 30 degrees F at nite). You don't need special equipment, but you need warm clothing. Bring a warm jacket, warm undershirt, warm hat, warm gloves, and warm sleeping bags. Also bring a poncho or waterproof jacket in case it rains. Bring a plastic or waterproof nylon tarp to keep your tent or picnic table dry in case it rains. A fire at night and warm drinks always helps.

Camping in Yosemite Valley march

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:19 pm
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Author: Bill Hickinbotham (65.185.160.---)
Date: 01-04-05 20:29

Hi, a buddy and I plan on going to yosemite from march 28th-april 2nd give or take a day or so. Well we would love to bear the conditions and camp in a tent and packpack a few trails. We both have never been there so we are up for suggetions for trails and sites to see. I would apprieciate any needed info. What would you recommend taking on this trip? I basically want to know what we are getting our selves into? Also there is a good chance that we would like to do two days camping in a tent and two days in a cabin any suggestions what area to hit and where to find this info out.

Thanks for your help


Re: Camping in march
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 01-05-05 20:16

You can camp at various campsites in Yosemite, but not all are open. The campgrounds on the Tioga Road and Glacier Road are closed (and snowed in). Other campgrounds are open.

Backpacking isn't an option unless you're willing to camp in snow. The Little Yosemite Backpack Campground might be open.

Camp Curry has Tent Cabins, some heated with propane. It's a good idea to have reservations for Curry.

For trails, some possibilities are the Falls Trail for Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point 4-mile trail (if not snowed in), and the John Muir Trail heading up Nevada and Vernal Falls to Little Yosemite Valley. The Half Dome Trail is not open in March or April (that is, the cables are down).

Re: Camping in march
Author: Kris (204.130.3.---)
Date: 02-04-05 11:21

You definitely need to make reservations for any type of accommodation within Yosemite Valley -- check our The Curry Village tent cabins are usually available, and are "okay" although I have sworn off them as they are cold and uncomfortable. They are also so close to each other than you can every sound from the ones around you, so depending on how loud the fellow in the tent next to you snores... :)
I prefer to stay in the real cabins, with or without baths, although they are not cheap. Camping reservations in the Valley itself will be impossible right now. They sell out the day they come available, which I believe is 4 months in advance. However, if you are planning to backpack, you could get a wilderness permit and then hike up to Little Yosemite Valley and camp there, and then continue your hiking the next day to Half Dome, returning to your camp that evening, and then the next day return back to the valley and stay in a tent cabin or cabin for a couple of nights. That's the way I would plan it.