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Yosemite Falls Trail

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:37 am
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Soaring Over California
Author: John (
Date: 03-27-04 07:10

We have reservations to stay at House Keeping this July. We have eight families with ages all over the place. I noticed the last time I was at Disney California Adventure on the Soaring Over California ride as it flew past upper and lower Yosemite Falls that there is a trail to the left of the falls above the lower falls. What is the trail called? Where does it start? Where does it end? What do you see along this trial? What level of hiker is this trail for?

Re: Soaring Over California
Author: Dan Anderson (10.11.12.---)
Date: 03-28-04 18:38

The trail to the west of Yosemite Falls is called the Yosemite Falls Trail. It starts from Yosemite Valley (next to the Camp 4 parking lot) and heads to the top of Yosemite Falls (and behond). You see the Falls, including the rarely-seen middle cascades and the pools at the bottom of the upper falls. You need to be in shape enough to hike for several hours up a few thousand feet. Bring water, lunch, and start early.

hike to yosemite falls in april

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:06 am
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Author: deanna (
Date: 03-15-04 08:17

i am traveling to yosemite in early april. the last time i visited it hiked to half dome. i am interested in another challenging hike. is it true that you can hike to el cap via yosemite falls? how long and how difficult is it? do you recommend any others this time of year? thank you!

Re: hike to yosemite falls
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 03-15-04 09:06

Yes you can hike from Yosemite Falls to El Capitan in a (long) day. I've done it from the top of the falls in 7 hours (including Eagle Point), and the Falls Trail takes about 4-5 hours up, 2 hours down. So, I recommend a dawn or pre-dawn start and bring a flashlight.

Another interesting hike is from the Valley to Glacier Point. The easy way is the "4 Mile Trail" (really 4.5). A harder way is via the John Muir Trail and Nevada and Illouette Falls. I prefer the easy way and take the daily tour bus to the top of Glacier Point. This time of year, you can't do this unless you ski or snowshoe (and there's no bus and the Glacier Point Road is closed to autos).

Re: hike to yosemite falls
Author: Martin (
Date: 03-18-04 19:34

In April it is possible to hike to the top of Yosemite Falls if there hasn't been a storm in the recent pass. As for hiking on to El Cap, not unless you are equiped with snow shoes and not all in one day (in and out on the same trail). As for across the valley up the 4 Mile, offically it is closed but it usually is passable part of the way up. About 3 miles up, once you usually encounter some icy patches. I wouldn't suggest you go any higher. As for the trail going up by Vernal and Nevada falls, usually the Mist Trail is offically closed but again it's usually passable. The Muir trail to Nevada Falls pass across a traverse where the ice, snow and exposure can be a bit hairy for both the faint and true of heart. If you don't have mountaineering experience I wouldn't try it.
I hike this time of year nearly every year (This year I'm heading up next week instead) and the conditions can vary. If it stays warm and dry, the Yosemite Falls trails should be do-able and maybe even part of the Snow Creek trail, which climbs the north wall across from Half Dome, a mile and 1/2 east of Mirror Lake.
In any case, it will great even if you just hike along the valley floor. Head to the west end of the valley down by El Cap meadow and you'll avoid the crowds.

Re: hike to yosemite falls
Author: Martin (216.100.215.---)
Date: 03-29-04 13:02

I just did this hike last weekend (March 27th) and it was clear up to the falls and beyond. It looked patchy beyond that, but if this heat keeps up who knows what conditions will be by May.