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Mini-High Sierra Loop Trail

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:57 am
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mini high seria loop
Author: jim (---.116.152.68.ts46v-21.grnbry.ftwrth.tx.charter.c)
Date: 06-02-03 18:58

Have what I think will be a trip of a lifetime planned. Spending 5 nights in Yosemite Valley, with many day hikes planned. After that, spending a night each in Tulumone Meadows, Sunrise, May Lake, Glen Aulin, and then back to Tuluome.

Will mesquitos be a problem? We hit the high country 7/6. What weather should I expect. Any suggestions on any of this trip appreciated.

Re: mini high seria loop
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-02-03 22:16

Mosquitos will be a BIG problem. Almost always are late June, early July. Especially this year--big snow melt.

Get a head net, wear long sleeve shirts, get DEET (not the whimpy stuff), stay in your tent around dusk, and stay away from water (even if it looks pretty). Camp in dry places with a breeze. You can always walk a quarter mile for water and many dry camps have nice views.

You'll be rewarded with beautiful meadows and flowers. Good luck.