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Weather in Tuolumne Meadows

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:38 am
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Author: Ann (---.Stanford.EDU)
Date: 07-18-05 13:20


I'm planning a 4 night backpacking trip starting in Tuolumne meadows (the highest point on our route). What are the overnight low temperatures like at that elevation? Below freezing?


Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-18-05 14:02

In Summer, the temps do down to around 30 at night around Tuolumne Meadows. My water bottle freezes if left outside (just the top quarter inch), but is ok in the tent.

That means you need a Jacket and polypro underwear at night (or similar) or go to bed way early.

Fires aren't allowed above 9600' (IIRC).

Daytime is T-shirt weather, once the sun comes up (and the 'skeeters aren't around)

Author: Bill (
Date: 07-19-05 17:26

I was in the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne (elevations 4000-8000) last week. Daytime temps reached at least 90 and at night it was probably above 40. At 8:30 one evening it was still 76. Mosquitoes are very thick and annoying.

Author: Ron R. (
Date: 07-26-05 09:52

Just got back from a trip to Tuolumne and a little bit north. Night time temps were cool but not cold - maybe in the low 40's at worst even at 10k'. My 45 deg. bag was more than sufficient. Mosquitos were very active due to the wet year.