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shuttle bus to four mile trailhead

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:32 am
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Author: Paul (
Date: 02-03-06 05:26

Is there a shuttle bus from the valley campgrounds to the 4 mile trail? We were hoping to the panoramic trail after glacier point.

Re: shuttle bus to 4 mile trailhead
Author: Dan (
Date: 02-03-06 08:00

Not directly. You take the shuttle bus to Yosemite Lodge/Camp 4 shuttle bus stop (at the south end of the Yosemite Lodge parking lot). Take the trail south on the Swinging Bridge (which no longer swings) over the Merced River and on the other side is the Four Mile Trail trailhead. Look at a map first.

Maps: ... _maps.html

Re: shuttle bus to 4 mile trailhead
Author: Jon Shannon (
Date: 02-11-06 22:35


You've selected some great trails. Since you're doing the Panorama Trail, you'll be taking either the Mist Trail or the John Muir Trail back to the Valley. I'd recommend that you take the Mist Trail (by Vernal & Nevada Falls). And consider doing the trip in reverse (starting with the Mist Trail - begins at Happy Isles - and ending with the 4 Mile Trail). This way, you will be facing the falls as you go up. I also think, IMHO, that the Panorama Trail is better going toward Glacier Point, rather than away from it.

You're going to love the hike!

Jon Shannon