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Fires and Fishing

Hiking, backpacking, running, biking, climbing, rafting, and other human-powered activities in Yosemite National Park

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Fires and Fishing

Postby Mike » Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:15 pm

I was hoping to be able to get into cathedral lakes this summer and have applied for permits so will see how that goes. I was just wondering if it was permitted to fish and have camp fires at this location.
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Re: Fires and Fishing

Postby dan » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:19 pm

Campfires are allowed under 9600', so you're just squeezing under the limit at Cathedral Lakes.

Fishing is allowed, with a California fishing license.
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Postby dmede » Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:24 am

If I recall correctly from researching a trip to that area recently, Cathedral Lakes are in a fire exclusion zone, so no campfires even if you are below 9600' there. I think you have to get over the pass and then below 9600' before you can have a fire.

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Postby cherokeedriver » Fri Jun 29, 2007 7:35 pm

I just got back from Cathedral Lakes toady - I was told "no camp fires" at the lakes. However, when you get to the permit station look closey at the map, as you may be able to find a location just to the north of the outlet (west side) of the lake which is out of their no-fire zone. I walked around the lake a few time. On the south side of the lake near the outlet is a nice forrested area with some good flat spots for tents (no fire here for sure).

On the north side of the lake, again towards the outlet, a few hundred yards North of the outlet, are some very nice flat sandy areas, sitting between boulders. I think you could probably have fire in this area (check the map). There was plenty of dead wood around. Although there is no shade here and you'll have a walk to get water, there were far less mosquitos then near the lake. Also, you'll have a great view above lake Tenaya.

I was up at 5Am checking out the sunrise - near the outlet (again walk a few hundred yards to the North. While I could not see the sunrise from this location directly, the light spilled down into Tenaya lake before hitting me directly, it was awesome.

As for fishing, I didn't attempt it, in fact I noticed a "lack of jumping" at dusk and sunrise for whatever that's worth.

If I didn't care about camp fires, I think I would have made my camp at the Upper lake. The upper lake is smaller, but to my liking more beautiful.

I you want - I can email you a few pics.

Good luck,

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Cathedral Lakes night-time temps

Postby adrianhoff » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:32 am

I'll be in that area in about a week. What were night-time temperatures like around Upper Cathedral Lake? I'm trying to decide which sleeping bag to carry. Thanks.
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