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Half Dome night hike fines?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:29 am
by elmexveggie
I've never hiked half dome during the day, always do a night hike, starting at 10/11PM and reaching summit before sunrise. I've done it 5 times now, but with the new permit process I'm curious to know how things will pan out. I doubt they have someone at the top of sub dome at 4am. Correct me if i'm wrong please.

I was not able to get a permit and would like to visit the park sometime this month. Curious to know how strict the rangers are, and most importantly what the fine is if you descend the cables without a permit.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:53 am
by Wickett
You could risk it, I doubt they will be there at 4 am and if you run into one on the way down just tell them you stopped at the cables. :D

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:11 am
by lbskunk
A few of us are planning on doing a night hike to half-dome in September and we were all just wondering the same thing. Please let us know when you find out about the rangers hours on top of sub dome.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:51 pm
by baseline bum
Would doing it on a weekday be out of the question? You wouldn't need a permit then.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:12 am
by Bullet777
the idea of the permit system is to stop the bad traffic jams on the cables. If you arrive at the cables before sunrise the rangers may be there but I reckon they would let you keep going as there would be no jam on the cables anywhere near that time. The rangers seem to be quite reasonable, they let hikers go up the cables without a permit when I was there on June 19 as long as they agreed to carry some of the gloves that people leave back down to the start of the trail.