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How sad

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:55 pm
by voodooskin
I did the half dome cables route 25 years ago, I thought it would be cool. It was (and still is no doubt). Checked the weather, packed up my stuff, did the hike. Beautiful.

Look at this now, you need a permit and deft fingers to get one; if you miss the 3 minute online window to get one four months in advance you are SOL. Given these things are a commodity, I'm sure everyone's pressed to get to the top on their day lest they be hosed, weather be damned, since you know that's your chance for the season. That is, unless the rangers decide for you when it's not safe and shut it down.

It seems a lot like Disneyland w/o the expense: here, go jump through all these hoops then obey the ride operator. The Valley's been a nightmare for a long time with all the tourists, but at least you could get away to the high country with a bit of effort.

The zone of bureaucratic hassle certainly will keep me out of the park this season, so apparently the system they've devised works. Be sure and keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times when visiting the park, y'all, and be sure to visit the concession stands for some delicious snack foods on the way out.