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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:19 pm
by centurycyclist
I have done it twice, and the first time I was 47 years old, and I am a long-distance cyclist. That means pretty much nothing when climbing Half Dome, and doing it in one day up and back. The important things are: eating properly before you leave, bringing snacks that are REAL fuel for hiking, and plenty of water---AND, the most comfortable shoes you own. 18-20 miles, with lots of elevation gain is no small feat, I don't care WHO you are! Yes, you need a purifier of some sort if you do not want to carry that much water. Also, there is a wonderful spring about half=way up what is known as the "never ending forest" but, I would still use the purifier. ( I did not follow my own advice the first time, but lived to tell you this story)
Go for it!!! It is exhilarating! But, at the same time, know when to stop, or turn back whether is it because of your own abilities, or the impending weather.