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Miwok books about Miwoks in Yosemite, but NONE?

Discussion about Yosemite National Park history, including Native Americans, Euro-American pioneers and settlement, and establishment as a national park.

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Miwok books about Miwoks in Yosemite, but NONE?

Postby Yosemite_Indian » Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:29 am

My Paiute friend and I were talking the other day about all those Yosemite Miwok books, periodicals, publications and ethnological reports, but you know what is funny, there were no Yosemite Miwoks today, even in the 1920s there were no Yosemite Miwoks.

We asked each other can you name any.

Well what about Captain Paul from Coulterville, well he had a daughter named Julia, but what happened to her? Who knows? I heard she might even be my great-great-great grandmother, yup, me. :lol:

Well what about Chief Dick, well first Chief Dick was not Miwok, but Paiute. Many of his people ended up in Tuolumne tribe, but not in the Southern Sierra Miwuks.

What about Maria Lebardo? Well many of her descedents ended up in Paiute and Yokut tribes. They are already enrolled there.

We know for sure it was not Frank Hooky Wilson and his wife Mary Wilson because they were both Chuchansi Yokuts.

What about Tom Hutchings, nope, Paiute.

the Howards, oh wait they are the direct descendents of Chief Bautista and not Yosemite Miwoks.

Francisco Georgely, was a Chowchilla Yokut, and had no children.

Mary Leonard didn't have any children.

Lucy Hite was actually one of James Savage's wifes, later she married that Hite guy.

Tom Lupton's son drifted off somewhere.

Henry and Mary Johnson were from Bautista's band, and not a Yosemite Miwok.

Sarah Priest was the daughter of Cypriano, not a Yosemite Miwok.

Fremon James was a Chuchansi Yokut from Madera.

Pete Westphal was a Yokut from Madera County.

Calapina was the sister of Frank Hooky Wilson so that would make her a Chuchansi Yokut and not a Yosemite Miwok.

the Lawrences were Casson Yokuts, not Yosemite Miwoks.

Lena Brown-Wilson was Washoe-Paiute-Yokut. Her children are enrolled in the Yokut tribe.

Her son Chief Lemee didn't have any kids.

Johnny Brown, his father was Mono Paiute

Bill Mono Brown was Paiute.

George and Jennie Washington were Yokuts.

Ellen Amos was a Yokut.

Susie McGowan was Mono Paiute

Rube was a Washoe

Young Charlie, Captain Jim, Kosano, Maggie Howard, Chief Dick, Lancisco Wilson, Bridgeport Tom, Captain Sam, Big Mike, the Bills, Dick Charlie, Captain John, the Wells, the Lakes, the Parkers, the Murphys, Dobe Jim, the Yankees, the Ruebens, the Merediths, the Gilberts, the Johns, the Simons or Symes, Shreeks, the Browns and others were Paiutes.

So who does that leave?

So who are these Yosemite Miwoks that all these white enthologists and writers were writing about in early times?

What happened to them did they vanish into thin air, or did they never really exist.

So could someone tell me where are these Yosemite Miwoks? Sure there are a lot of old books about them, but who and where are they? They sure ain't in the Southern Sierra Miwuks, because most of them are not even Miwok.

I think they were like the Legend of the Lost Arrow, a flight of whitemans fancy.
Chief Tenaya was the founder of the Paiute Colony of Ahwahnee
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