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2017 Planned Hikes

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 5:56 am
by Soonernation
I am working on ideas for 2017 backpacking trips. We have 2 planned for right now. I'd love to do more but living in Texas, I have to travel to all of what I consider to be the premium backpacking locations.

For our first trip, we are planning to hike Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon. This seemed like a good hike to me due to the elevation changes and the distance. It will be a good prep for the second hike we have planned. Thoughts or feedback on this hike. It seems to be a popular one so I'll keep my options open on dates so we make sure to get a permit. What is the earliest time in the year we should plan this hike?

In August, we have a group hike planned in Colorado. We will be doing the 4 Pass Loop near Aspen. This will be extremely challenging for me as I live near sea level so the elevation will tax me. I'll need to investigate some training methods for preparation. The others in the group live in CO or hike regularly at higher elevations. Do any of you have experience hiking this loop?

I'm open for other ideas in Kings Canyon or elsewhere for trips of comparable length (~40 miles). We would really like it to be a loop.