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The Grand Tour: Yellowstone, Tetons, RMNP, and more

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2021 11:14 am
by balzaccom
just back from a three week trip to the Ruby Mountains, Yellowstone, Grant Tetons, Rocky Mountain NP, and Dinosaur NM.

Quite and adventure with some serious smoke in places, serious rain in others...and my sister's generous offer of a bedroom at her cabin in the YMCA camp in RMNP...

And we were joined by both daughters and one boyfriend in Yellowstone--The full trip report should be up shortly on our website:

Among the highlights:

Hiking in the Ruby Mountains with our younger daughter,

Having an elk bed down next to our tent in Yellowstone--effectively blocking access. Oops.

Watching as a bison herd wandered though the picnic area where we were trying to cook dinner. Hold the mayo!

Watching coyotes drive a wolf away from their den in the Lamar Valley,

Rock climbing in the Tetons with my older daughter, who is a much better climber than I am,

Hiking through both rain and smoke in RMNP...

Having a true campsite mixup in the Manti-Lasal NF...what a mess.

Both fossils and petroglyphs in Dinosaur NM

And smoke for hundreds of miles on the way home.

Lots of fun!