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Yosemite - An Enduring Treasure

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:59 pm
by archive
Author: kdggrad
Date: 12-31-01 13:18

Your website list does not include Keith Walklet's YOSEMITE an enduring treasure.

Re: Yosemite - An Enduring Treasure
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 12-31-01 13:19

I'd like to list the book. Keith Walklet has some good photographs. It's not listed on Amazon yet though. It's probably too new, as it was just published in 2001. Perhaps when it's carried by major book distributors it will be more available.

Re: Yosemite - An Enduring Treasure
Author: Mark
Date: 12-31-01 13:49

Can you describe the book and where to get it?

Re: Yosemite - An Enduring Treasure
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 12-31-01 16:57

It's available at the Yosemite Association, who published it. See
their website at

Here's the description (basically it's a picture book):

Yosemite - An Enduring Treasure
text and photographs by Keith S. Walklet
Here is a moving celebration of Yosemite National Park in lucid text and stunning photographs. From its thundering waterfalls and vertical granite crags to its awe-inspiring big trees and fascinating wildlife, all aspects of the park are beautifully portrayed. The book's multiple features include over 75 full-color images, historic narrative and photos, Yosemite's scenic gems, the four seasons, wildlife and natural history, and Yosemite geology and waterfalls.
This is the perfect souvenir for those wanting to remember their Yosemite visit, a great introduction to the park for newcomers, and a gorgeous reminder of Yosemite's value and its need to be protected for the future.

Keith S. Walklet is an internationally published photographer, who spent 14 years living and working in Yosemite. His photos have appeared in Audubon calendars, National Geographic Books, and Sierra Club Books, among others.

56 pages; 9 inches x 10 inches; full color; paperback with flaps; copyright 2001, Yosemite Association
Ref. No. 1-930238-04-5 $6.95