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Hiking in Winter

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:59 pm
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hiking in winter
Author: paul jakowski (
Date: 01-25-06 09:03

This may seem completely stupid to most, but, coming from a country where the only dangerous wildlife are the packs of thugs on the street, i was wondering if it safe to carry food in your backpack while hiking in winter /feb? I am refering to bears naturally, and was wondering if i would have to use bear canisters. Any input and advice would be greatly recieved, thanks, Paul.J.

Bear canisters in winter
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 01-25-06 10:14

You ask the rangers, they will say you have to use a bear canister.

Between you and me, I've never used a bear canister in Winter. I've never had problems.

I've had several problems in summer with bears before bear canisters were in widespread use and now I use canisters all the time when backpacking in summer in or near Yosemite.

In winter, I've never had a problem and don't worry about my food. I've seen bear tracks in winter, but never had a bear come by a camp in winter.

- Dan

Re: hiking in winter
Author: paul jakowski (
Date: 01-26-06 08:55

Thanks Dan, much appreciated. I'm so much looking forward to being in Yosemite again. Does much climbing go on during the winter? i'm hoping to do a little bit of bouldering around camp 4 and Ahwanee meadow, any pointers or tips would be great. Cheers.

Re: hiking in winter
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 01-26-06 09:29

I don't see as much climbing and bouldering in winter as in summer--the rocks must be pretty cool, even in the mid-day sun. I see some bouldering though. Ask the climbers who hang out in Camp 4 or in the Yosemite Lodge cafeteria (southwest corner, next to the Women's bathroom)

Re: hiking in winter
Author: paul j (
Date: 01-27-06 08:01

Thanks Dan, much appreciated.

Re: hiking in winter
Author: Karl (
Date: 01-27-06 10:55

Although the bears slow down in the winter, I have seen them in the valley so I think it would be wise to be on the safe side and store the food properly. Winter is a great time for climbing in the valley. The trick is to find dry routes. It can get really nice on a sunny day on the north side of the valley even if there is snow on the ground.