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good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:51 pm
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good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite
Author: J Ellis (
Date: 08-08-01 16:02

My brother and I are planning a backpacking trip in Yosemite. We're looking for an scenic, rigorous, rewarding 5 day (40 or so mile) loop. We'd also like to avoid crowds as much as possible. I appreciate any advice.

Re: good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 08-13-01 15:45

I recommend the backcountry north of the Tioga Road and Tuolumne Valley.

You can start in Tuolumne (you quickly leave the crowds as you head north) or from the Hetch Hetchy Dam.

There's deep canyons, lakes and high, sharp ranges in the area--you won't be disappointed. Take mosquito repellent or head nets for the early part of summer.

Avoid Little Yosemite AT ALL COSTS. It is a ZOO!!!!

For guides, see the "Hetch Hetchy" High Sierra Hiking Guide (or just buy the separately-available topo) -- or see Schaffer's Yosemite National Park? A Natural-History Guide to Yosemite and its Trails. These are at my online bookstore at

Re: good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite
Author: Dave Leslie (63.242.134.---)
Date: 02-14-02 08:57

If you want a challenge and some of the most romote area of the park try starting at Toulomne Meadows. Day 1From there it's a 1/4 of a day to Glen Aulin. (Perfect hike after the long drive from San Fran) Day2 From Glen Aulin follow the Gran Canyon to Pate Valley. This is long and takes all day. About 14 miles. Mostly down hill. Great waterfall action. Day 3 head up Rodgers caynon to Rogers Lake. Hard work! Day4 Short hike to Smegburg. Hang out in the Smegburg Lake area for an easy day. Day4 Hike across to Viginia Creek. Day5 Hike all the way out to Toulomne via Glen Aulin.

It's a challeging hike but do-able if your in shape. I needed the break at Smedburge to rest my feet. If your ok at that point go farther than Smedburge so the day 4 isn't as long. I hgave a bunch of pics if you want to see some samples.

Re: good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite
Author: randy sanchez (
Date: 08-20-02 16:06

In the southwest portion of the park, 41 mile loop to and from Glacier Point.
Go over the highest pass in Yosemite, Red Peak Pass. Approach counter clockwise in case snow is still on the north non-sun face. Glacier Point to Lower Ottoway Lake, over Red Peak Pass, to Washburn Lake, to Merced Lake, to Little Yosemite Valley, to Glacier Point. I've only gotten as far as Lower Ottoway Lake (garden of eden) due to snow. Recieved information from ranger on horseback. changed direction to Buck Camp (boring), Royal Arches Lake (beautiful), Buena Vista Lake (beautiful), to Glacier Point. Going to return to do original plan over Labor Day. Crowds are not an issue.
Aloha, ranchez

Re: good 5 day loop hike in Yosemite
Author: Karl duPre' (
Date: 01-02-03 20:12

I am addressing this question to Randy Sanchez.Iam planning a trip in August 03 from Tuolumne to Glacier Point via Red Peak Pass.This is the reverse of the direction you recommended.Could you tell me the dates of your first attempt and if you were successful on your second?
Thanks, Ragin' Cajun

5 day slow paced loop in Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:32 am
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Author: Clint Smith (63.161.57.---)
Date: 02-03-03 10:16

I'm looking for a slow paced 5 day loop. Incredible scenery is the most important, though some fishing would be a nice touch. There will be 4 - 6 of us. We are in good shape and capable of strenuous segments, but we are not looking for an endurance hike . . . probably no more than 5-6 miles a day between camps. We may even want to stay in one spot for two nights.

Any suggestions?


Re: 5 day slow paced loop in Yosemite
Author: Karl Dupre' (
Date: 02-03-03 17:14

It's not exactly a loop but white wolf to tuolumne meadowsup the grand canton of the tuolumne is a beautiful hike and only about 25 miles long.With the shuttle service you should have no problem getting back to your car.