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public showers in the park after a backpack

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:04 am
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Author: bob (66.192.86.---)
Date: 06-13-03 07:28

I'm going to be backpacking for a week in Yosemite this summer and was trying to find out where the pay-for showers are in the park other than Curry Village. Any one have any info on other showers and what condition they are in? Also, where they sell beer along Tioga Rd for the final night of the journey?


Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-13-03 09:16

Showers are available in the Housekeeping Camp in the Valley, at Camp Curry (the showerhouse up the hill away from the pool at "Nob Hill" is a lot cleaner), and more showers are at Tuolumne Meadows near the store. Beer is at the store and at Tioga Lodge just outside the park and at the gas station at the west end of Tioga Road