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Yosemite Day Hike suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:52 am
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Author: Jim Jeffrey (
Date: 03-08-05 17:33

Last 4 years have done the following long Yosemite day hikes with family in early June:
Panorama Trail (2004)
Cloud's Rest (2003)
Yosemite Falls (2002)
Half Dome (2001)

I'm looking for suggestions for other "similar" hikes for this year - I know none of these can be duplicated, but am interested in some "favorites" you might have, especially ones with views.

Re: Yosemite Day Hikes
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 03-08-05 22:44

1. Heading down the Snow Creek Trail down to Mirror Lake can't be beat--you have Half Dome close up and staring you in the face.

2. Another is to take the daily bus up from the Valley to Glacier Point. Hike down Illiouette Trail and the Mist Trail (there is some uphill in between) down to the Valley. See the rarely-seen Illiouette Falls.

Re: Yosemite Day Hikes
Author: Brittan Burns (
Date: 03-16-05 15:28

I have hiked Half Dome in 7 hours round trip. We are thinking about hicking Clouds Rest this summer from the Valley floor. How was it? How much harder was it then Half Dome? How long did it take you and how long did Half Dome take you?

Thank you.

Re: Yosemite Day Hikes
Author: Jim Jeffrey (
Date: 03-24-05 15:20

We did the hike to Cloud's Rest from Tenaya Lake, not from the valley floor. The hike from Tenaya Lake is around 7 miles one way, and then we retraced our steps. The view from the top of Cloud's Rest is the best view in Yosemite, bar none. You'll love it!

Re: Yosemite Day Hikes
Author: george te velde (
Date: 04-09-05 11:05

My suggestion would be to drive to Tenaya Lake, up Hwy 120, where there's a trailhead to Cloud Rest from the north. Then continue on down the trail towards Happy Isles. (you'll have to go back and get your car, though)

Re: Yosemite Day Hikes
Author: Nabeel Ibrahim (
Date: 05-10-05 01:16

I did the day hike to Cloud's Rest from Curry Village last May. I think the total time was about 13 hours, but we took it slowly because my hiking partner wasn't in the greatest shape and I stopped frequently to take pictures.

It's definitely more grueling than Half dome because it's 1000ft higher and several miles longer; however, the views are far better and the crowds far fewer, so it's absolutely, positively worth it

Best day walks in Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:52 am
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Author: Paul Young (
Date: 05-07-05 04:30

Hi. I'm coming from Australia with friends in early August. We're ataying in one of the Redwood cabins. None of us have been to Yosemite before, and I guess it may be a long time till our next trip! We are there for 2 full days, 3 nights. So I was looking for advice or recommendations on full day walks to experience the best of the Park. I've read a bit about the Panorama Trail but I'm also keen to see the Dome from close up!! What would be your all time favourite walks in the Park?
Many thanks
Ozzy Paul

Re: Best day walks
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 05-07-05 21:29

The Panorama Trail is a good one. I would take the bus from the Valley in the morning and walk down to the Valley (it's not all down hill, there is about 1000' (300m) uphill or so. Take a lunch and water. Beautiful falls along the way.

Hiking to Half Dome will take all day (it takes me about 12 hours, including a few hours on top). You don't actually see Half Dome on top, so not much of a view. Mirror Lake is better for that--rent a bicycle in the Valley to get there or hike to Mirror Lake. If you have time, you can hike up the Snow Creek Trail behind Mirror Lake for better views.

You can also hike down the Four Mile Trail from Glacier Point (instead of the Panorama Trail). It's shorter, all downhill, but no falls along the way.

Hiking up Yosemite Falls and back takes all day, but it's not as hard as going up Half Dome. It's a hot, sunny trail though.

Get a map of Yosemite Valley. There's some at

Re: Best day walks
Author: Mike (
Date: 05-10-05 09:03

Don't forget to visit the high country too along Tioga Road. One of my favorite day hikes is the Gaylor/Granite Lakes area.

Have a great trip!

The Backcountry

Re: Best day walks
Author: Roger (
Date: 05-17-05 14:41

Which hikes do you recommend for a 71 year old man who has developed a case of asthma, I'm in pretty good health otherwise and the asthma is under control. Is there anyone at Yosemite that could advise me?


Re: Best day walks
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 05-17-05 17:54

It depends on your interests on where you should go. Pickup a Yosemite Guide for some ideas and ask at the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is in Yosemite Village in the Valley--the Valley shuttle bus loop stops there going both directions.

Re: Best day walks
Author: Eric (69.111.84.---)
Date: 05-23-05 21:20


I would highly recommend the Sentinel Dome Hike. You will park along Glacier Point Road (there is a turnout for this hike and a few others). It provides a view that is almost equal to being at the top of Half Dome. I believe it is about 2 - 2.5 miles round trip. It was one of the first hikes I ever tried in Yosemite. However with all the snow, you probably can't do the hike until mid/late June.

Go here for more info: ... index.html

Re: Best day walks
Author: Jerblock (204.76.113.---)
Date: 06-17-05 15:39

Ozzie Paul,

Unless you're a serious hiker (yes I know the ozzies are all more into sports than the yanks), I'd strongly recommend the Panarama. Start at Glacier Point. You walk around views of HalfDome and both Vernal and Nevada Falls. Complete the trip by taking the Mist Trail back down to the valley. The beauty of the Panarama Trail is that you won't see the "crowds" that you will going up to Half Dome.

Having said that, the Half Dome hike up from the valley and back is an AWESOME day hike.

Take lots of film - nothing like it in Oz.

Re: Best day walks
Author: Paul (
Date: 06-17-05 16:23

Many thanks for your help folks. It's very much appreciated. I think the Panoram/Mist Trail one day, and we'll leave the slow pokes for the second day and hike up Half Dome. That should sort us out!!!
Thanks again everyone.
We'll be there soon!!

Favorite hikes???

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:53 am
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Author: Chris (
Date: 06-13-05 13:21

My wife and I will be going to Yosemite in a couple of weeks for the first time. I've read books, etc., but I'd like to hear the favorite hikes of some of you! We'll be doing one day including a day hike and a 2 day/ 1 night backpack. We are planning to do one day of enjoying the sights in the valley and Glacier Point. We'd like to include one good day hike on that day. What are some of your suggestions as a favorite day hike near the valley? Probably looking at anywhere between 5-8 total miles (so that we can still have time to drive around and enjoy). I'm considering the Nevada Falls loop from Happy Isles.
Also, what are some of your favorite one night backpacking hikes? We probably want to keep it at less than 15 miles. Considering 20 Lakes Basin, but please tell me your favorites and why! Thank you!!!

Re: Favorite hikes???
Author: Mike B (
Date: 06-14-05 18:03

If you will be in Yosemite Valley area and it's your first time, you can't go wrong doing the Vernal Falls/Nevada Falls loop. The first time I went to the park it took us nearly 5 or 6 hours just to do Vernal Falls because we all so blown away by how beautiful the hike was.

I would recommend this hike--the only real negative thing is that people say its crowded. When I was there the first time, I hardly noticed because it really was such a neat hike.

Re: Favorite hikes???
Author: TOm (
Date: 06-17-05 09:10

The Vernal / Nevada loop is great. I recommend doing the mist trail going up and the John Muir trail coming down.

If you want a shorter hike, you can do the Sentinel Dome / Taft Point loop which is near Glacier point.

For a 1 night backpacking trip, I really enjoyed hiking down from Tuolome Meadows to Glen Aulin. They have bear lockers and pit toilets at that campsite (and the crowds that go with em). There are several great falls along the way, and Waterwheel Falls is a short hike from the camp if you have extra time on the day you hike in.

Re: Favorite hikes???
Author: Barbara (66.121.167.---)
Date: 06-20-05 08:15

I've been hiking in Yosemite for many years and my favority hike in the Panorama Trail from Glacial Point. Pure pleasure, the greatest views and not too difficult.

Re: Favorite hikes???
Author: yosemitegirl (
Date: 07-10-05 19:21

If you are looking for a shorter type hike... moderate.. the Glacier Point 4 mile trail (I think it's 8 miles round trip) has the most incredible views.

Re: Favorite hikes???
Author: TB (
Date: 01-21-06 10:48

For "older" hikers... (such as myself) you might consider the Sentinel Dome hike. Drive to the trailhead on Glacier Point Rd. and head out. Turn right after a hundred yards at the sign and head to the dome. There are a few rather tough grades but nothing anyone can't do. Just stop and rest when you need to blow. You'll pass through some nice wooded areas and the climb to the top of the dome is not as tough as it looks. The trail takes you around to the other side of the dome and it is a much easier climb. First view of the dome is from the north side and it is scarey, but keep going. As I said, you will go around the dome to the other side and a much more gentle grade. As I say... stop and rest frequently. Once you get to the top... you have...(my opinion) the greatest view in Yosemite. A full 360 degrees. Start looking at Half Dome, cross over Vernal and Nevada Falls, Liberty Cap and Mt. Broderick... over to Illilouette Fall... over the Clark Range... then you can see the north end of Yosemite Valley. Pick up the Cathedral Spires, El Capitan, Three Brothers, Yosemite Falls... and You can look right down into the middle Cascades. Look on to Indian Canyon, The Arches, North and Basket Domes, Washington Colum, Tenaya Canyon and back to Half Dome.
Bring lots of film or video tape. The hike back is easier because it's all down hill. If you still have gas in the tank... instead of going back to your car... when you get to the trailhead keep going and in about a mile you will get to Taft Point. You are right across from Three Brothers and El Capitan. Pretty spectacular stuff. You are up at about 8,000 feet so you may find you have to stop frequently to catch your breath.
As I said, these are ideal hikes for older hikers. Not much physical exertion for the younger folks... but that view up on top of Sentinel is fantastic.