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Snow elevation in late June/early July in Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:07 am
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Author: Larry Butler (204.203.5.---)
Date: 04-25-04 16:55

I'm planning a 3 or 4 day backpacking trip to Yosemite for the last week of June or the first week in July. While I'm comfortable with route finding over a mostly snow covered trail, I'd like to see some of the landscape (lakes/rivers/etc) melted out and I like to camp on dirt or rock. So my questions are:

1) Any guesses where the snow elevation will be at that point?
2) Any recommendations for high altitude hikes?

My hiking buddy and I are both experienced hikers/climbers from Washington State. We can easily do 10-15 miles a day at altitude (10 max with significant snow routfinding).

This is our one shot this year at a magical hiking experience in CA. Please help.

Re: Snow elevation in late June/early July
Author: drfredc (
Date: 05-13-04 22:37

I've been down in the NE Yosemite backcountry in Late June on a heavy snow year. Put first tracks in some areas. The large meadowed canyon trails at 10,000 down were basically free of snow that year. Only snow accumulates were in shadowed narrow pass areas. It's probably going to be less this year from what I can tell, but there's never guarantees. One Memorial day, it snowed 2 feet... Prepare for Alaska type mosquito swarms thru end of July...