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hiking in November

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:07 am
by archive
Author: amanda (
Date: 11-23-03 20:44

can anyone recommend some good challenging hikes for end of November? not sure what the weather is going to be like but am expecting it to be cold!!!

Re: hiking in November
Author: andrew (
Date: 10-12-04 21:26

transitional weather, or so i've read. i was interested in thanksgiving weekend too. the half dome hike is a beautiful all day affair at a leisurely pace. start early. bring a water filter or put your lips to an underground spring. sweet hike! demanding, yet even more rewarding; especially at the top of half dome . may see you at the top. if you have a topo map, which you can buy at either entrance to park, there is a hike i've wanted to do which i think could be spectacular and more private. all i can tell you is that if you were to climb the tallis field to the ridge above cathedral rock and look down upon the valley below fed by a beautiful waterfall, you'd forget everthing else to push on down the mountain and up the valley with your backpack strapped well on. but hey, you really can't go wrong in yosemite even without a plan. i think i wrote to you because that would be quite a laugh if i happened to bump into you on the trail. and so, happy trails! ...goofy guy