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7 day backpack trip in late June in Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:35 am
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Author: Phreak (
Date: 03-27-06 10:49

I'm taking my wife to Yosemite for 7 days in late June and was hoping someone could recommend some areas for us. We are looking to cover 8-12 miles per day and would like to get away from the crowds as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Re: 7 day trip in late June
Author: Jon Shannon (
Date: 03-29-06 08:27


If getting away from the crowds is your main concern I'd recommend that you start from Hetch-Hetchy. The trailhead is not much to look at because of the dam, but once you get away from it the scenery really improves. You could do a loop, first night in the backcountry at Lake Vernon. When you reach Jack Main Canyon, cross over to Kerrick Canyon and down via Bear Valley, Rancheria Mt, Rancheria Falls, Wapama Falls and back to the dam to finish the loop.

Still, I'd recommend that you set aside a day or two for Yosemite Valley (though that's where the crowds are). I simply don't think anything can match the Valley. Don't get me wrong, the above trip, and others in Yosemite sport spectacular, world class scenery. I just think you've GOT to see the Valley.

Hope this helps. Have a great trip!

Jon Shannon

Re: 7 day trip in late June
Author: Phreak (
Date: 03-29-06 09:05

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the suggestions. We had planned on a day or two in the valley as you mentioned above just so we can take in the main attractions.

I bought a book on Yosemite today and will take a look at the route you mentioned.

Thanks again for your help.

Re: 7 day trip in late June
Author: Jon Shannon (
Date: 03-30-06 14:09


Sounds like you've got a good, thorough book. One thing I should mention. Mosquitos can be ferocious on portions of this trail...particularly at Jack Main Canyon. So bring plenty of insect repellant...and go for the big guns. When I was there last I forgot my repellant. Mosquitos were so bad I had a head net on while eating....had to lift it up for each bite. Mosquitos were in my food, getting in the head net, had to walk in circles while eating to avoid being eaten. Great fun :) (yeah, right.) When you can, camp where there is a breeze and try to avoid being too close to water (better to walk a few hundred feet to your water than to be in with the mosquitos) and dense vegetation.

Don't let me scare you. This is a beautiful trail and you'll get more solitude than other trails (some of which may not be open by late June anyway).


6 day hike in September

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:36 am
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Author: Adam (
Date: 03-25-06 22:10

Looking to hike 6 continuous days on the High Sierras trail or any combo of trails which will put a smile on my face and challenge me as well. An expert I emailed on says there is a trail which goes around a large portion of the area and could be hiked in about a week. This will be my first trip of course so I want to be completely prepared and study the trails I will choose. I plan on backpacking so I would like to know if people use water filter units to get the water they need. This is my first multi day trek so an suggestions on anything would be appreciated.

I can't wait to go on this great adventure and even though I have over 5 months to plan I want it to be perfect. I also was told that flying into Fresno and renting a car is the popular way to get there. Someone else said the ride from Oakland is nicer but I need to figure out soon which airport to book for because I need to make flight by April 18.

I also live in Ohio so I don't have alot of opputunities to train for the elevations I will face out there. I hear it's anywhere from 4000 to 15000ft !! I guess I will just hike and jog my @!#$ off till then :)

Thank you for your advise.

Re: 6 day hike in September
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 03-27-06 10:11

There's lots of scenice country in the High Sierra. Tuolumne Meadows is a popular starting point. Some people start from Yosemite Valley, but you have a lot of uphill to begin with. Consider country between Tuolumne and the Valley, Lyell Canyon and the John Muir Trail. For a more isolated experience, the Northern Yosemite Country is nice.

Most people use a water filter. It beats getting sick.

I don't think the ride from Oakland is nicer than Fresno, but it may be cheaper as Oakland is a bigger airport. Also, there's traffic to deal with in Oakland if you arrive or leave during rush hour.

To acclimate to high elevations consider sleeping high for a night or two. Reserve a campground at Tuolumne Meadows. There's also a backpackers campground section there for people with a Wilderness Permit for the next day or previous day. Campground map:

7 days backpack excursion in Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:36 am
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Author: Jean-Michel Dupuis (216.13.41.---)
Date: 01-04-06 15:02

Hi all,

I am looking for a 6-7 days hiking trip in the mountains, is someone aware of a good itinerary.



Re: 7 days excursion
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 01-05-06 13:40

For trip planning I would get a new or used copy of "Yosemite National Park: A Natural-History Guide to Yosemite and Its Trails" by Jeffrey P. Schaffer. It includes a topographic map of the entire park.

Information on Wilderness Permits and trip planning is at
For suggested trails, click on "Trails" on the webpage.

I recommend the area around Tuolumne Meadows, Lyell Canyon. The hike to or from Yosemite Valley via Little Yosemite Valley is scenic. You can go up the John Muir Trail to Tuolumnee, and come back via the Vogelsang Trail to the Valley (or Vice Versa). Or you can start and end at Tuolumne and head up Lyell Canyon or some other Canyon.

Re: 7 days excursion
Author: Jennifer LaDuca (
Date: 02-17-06 19:05

There is a great 50 mile hike around the Clark Range. The hike begins at Happy Isles. It splits from the John Muir Trail and goes up Panorama Cliffs and around the backside of Star King. You head up toward Ottoway Lakes and over Red Peak Pass. It brings you down along the Merced River and past Merced Lake. The trips end is along Nevada and Vernal Falls. I saw no one in between Ottoway Lake and Merced Lake and this was in July. I don't know that it would take 6-7 days, but it is definately a worthwhile hike and I have hiked more than 50% of the trails in Yosemite.