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Half Dome Cables

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:45 pm
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Author: Jim (
Date: 04-25-05 20:18

I climbed half dome about 16 years ago with my two sons 10 and 15.
It was a glorious trip; however the boys scrambled up the hill fast and passed me up.

My question is how can I find out when the cables will be put up for this season.

I plan on climbing in early June if the cables are up.



Re: Half Dome Cables
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 04-25-05 20:47

Every year the park service releases a Press Release when the cables go up. It's usually a few weeks before the Memorial Day weekend, but no guarantees. You can check at:

This summer (2005), starting in July, there will be trail work on the shoulder of Half Dome. That means the trail will be closed weekdays. For details see

If you are going in June, you should be OK.

Re: Cables
Author: Kevin Kelley (12.6.138.---)
Date: 05-10-05 07:49

Per another post on this website, the cables are always up. Its only the poles that are taken down each winter. The poles are usually replaced the week before Memorial Day, weather permitting.

Re: Cables
Author: Kevin Kelley (12.6.138.---)
Date: 05-20-05 04:03

According to another hiking website, currently the park service is hoping to put the poles up by June 16.

Re: Cables
Author: yosemitegirl (
Date: 07-10-05 19:24

July 8th was the first day they were up (I believe)

FYI.. they are only opening the cables Fri, Sat, Sun this summer.