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Bear Canisters for Backpacking

Discussion about Yosemite black bears, protecting food, automobiles from bears, and preserving and managing Yosemite bears.

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Bear Canisters for Backpacking

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:44 pm

Author: Robert Taylor (64.80.146.---)
Date: 04-13-05 07:37


3 of us are planning a four day trip in July. We will be going from Tulomne to Sunset then on to Merced lake and finally into the valley. My question is this. Should each person carry a bear cannister? I have never used one and they seem awfully big. Any advice is appreciated.


Re: Bear Canisters
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 04-13-05 10:26

I share a bear canister with my wife. For 4 days, we can stuff it all in if we pack carefully. The first lunch and dinner is not packed in the cannister, as we eat it before we go to sleep.

They are not awfully big if you are putting all your food in. It's actually good as it forces you to not bring too much food. A lot of beginner backpackers bring too much thinking they will starve.

I use the "small" black bear canisters (not the larger size). I bought one, but you can rent one in the Valley and at Tuolumne Meadows.

Re: Bear Canisters
Author: bonita (---.138.popsite.net)
Date: 08-07-05 09:36

I overnighted to glen aulin and the waterwheels with a bear canister and later to ostrander lake. The tuolumne permit station seemed particular about everyone having them.
I think the larger ones are better as you can put non food in them at night, like toothpaste, sun block. The model I have (bear vault) doubles as a camp seat and appears to be
watertight. Whenever I hear about someone having a bear encounter, it always seems to be related to not securing food stuff. Leave the bear canister away from the tent and
have nothing in the tent that might attract bears, no late night snacks.
Bear lockers are not a complete solution because they are shared and if someone fails to secure the locker, you could lose your food supply if it is not in a bear canister.

Re: Bear Canisters
Author: lostinthewoods (---.bak.res.rr.com)
Date: 11-11-06 23:24

i think you could make it with 2 cans. ive done 3 people , 4 days with 2 cans.
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