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Mt. Dana

Hiking, backpacking, running, biking, climbing, rafting, and other human-powered activities in Yosemite National Park

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Mt. Dana

Postby archive » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:27 am

Mt. Dana
Author: Chris Owens (---.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net)
Date: 06-26-05 13:25

I was planning on hiking to the top of Mt. Dana on the second of July. But I think the trail is still closed. If you have any information on this please let me know. My alternate trip is to Cloud's rest.

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Mike (---.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net)
Date: 06-27-05 08:53

There is no official "trail" to Mt. Dana, so as long as you don't mind snow, it is possible. Clouds Rest might be a better destination right now.

I posted some pictures of my day trip to Tioga Road here, if your interested.


Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Nick (209.77.236.---)
Date: 06-28-05 10:25

Hey, I climbed up Mt. Dana yesterday, and there were five other people up there, so it's difficult but not impossible. There's snow on about 1/4 of the trail, so bring good boots and a jacket.

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: vardhini (---.cust.telepacific.net)
Date: 07-08-05 11:43


I am going to attempt to hike up to Mt Dana on July 16th. How difficult is the climb (snow conditions) and is any part of it technical?

Will be doing Lassen on 10th prior to this one.


Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Chris Owens (---.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net)
Date: 07-08-05 19:08

Well I hiked Dana on the 3 of July. The conditions were perfect but man that hike will take it out of you. Myself and five other friends did it. Me and two others got done in six hours, my other three friends finished two hours behind us (they are not really in that great of shape). The hike is worth it though, the views from the top are amazing. The trail was made a little more difficult due to the snow but it is melting fast. I ended up taking the ridge line to avoid the snow, but if the snow is gone it would be quicker to not go that way (so I have heard). This hike is not technical, one guy hiked up in flip flops with a pair of skies strapped to his back (I think he was part mountain goat). There are a lot of talus rocks that make it tough. Believe me at the end you wish you had a nice maintained trail with switch backs.

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: yosemitegirl (---.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net)
Date: 07-13-05 18:49

Just curious... how many miles round trip is Mt. Dana?

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Ryan (---.dialup.pltn13.pacbell.net)
Date: 07-14-05 10:22

5.8 miles each way on the standard trail up the northwest side

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Jerry Beals (---.holyokehealth.com)
Date: 07-15-05 09:01

I did Dana on July 9 and it was A LOT more difficult than Lassen, which I had done on July 6, but the views can't be beat. The winter snow was mostly gone, however, the route was hard to discern, especially on the way up. On the way back down I stayed too far to the right (NW) as I descended, and somehow missed the trail leading back to the Tioga Pass kiosk. This was not really a problem though, since I was able to walk out to the road via Dana Meadows. All in all, a great hike. Highly recommended.

Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Kaylor (---.online-age.net)
Date: 07-28-05 14:05

It's almost Aug. Anyone try to Ice Climb the Couloir yet? Anyone know what the conditions are like? Snowpacked? Bare ice?


Re: Mt. Dana
Author: Mike (---.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net)
Date: 08-01-05 13:15

I don't know if these will help but, here's two pictures I took on Saturday...

http://www.thebackcountry.org/images/we ... ernoon.jpg

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