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BASE Jumping in Yosemite Valley

Planning and environmental issues for Yosemite National Park

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BASE Jumping in Yosemite Valley

Postby norcalbasejumper » Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:42 pm

We the People petition to legitimize BASE Jumping as an appropriate national parks activity.

If you are a U.S. citizen can you help sign a petition on whitehouse.gov to allow the legalization of base jumping parachute activities within our national park systems. You can rock climb, hang glide, etc., but not base jump in a safe and controlled manner. Current training methods and development of modern equipment specific for base jumping has allowed this sport to be done relatively safely. Base jumping is legal in most major park systems in Europe and the sport has flourished to a competitive level international sport. The U.S. is behind the times. Our tax dollars pay to run the park systems and we should have a say in how we enjoy them. I am a U.S. Army IRAQ and Afghanistan combat veteran, Skydiver, and Base jumper and I whole heartedly support this petition. I would appreciate your help.

Sign the petition to legitimize BASE jumping as an appropriate national parks activity. If less than half of you sign, it will pass.

Get everybody you know to sign it and their mothers

150 votes needed to get the petition in view of the public, and 5000 for the White house to address the issue

It takes less than three minutes! Please sign it!!!

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Re: BASE Jumping in Yosemite Valley

Postby Grzldvt » Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:02 am

Normally, I steer of this kind of stuff, but I can't with this one.
I am a Vietnam Vet and can appreciate the time you spent serving our country. We have both no doubt seen and experienced things that most people will never understand.
Base jumping is banned for a good reason. First and foremost are the injuries/deaths. Second the breaking of any and all rules, seems base jumper don't think the rules, set specifically for base jumping don't apply to them.
A very close family friend worked Search and Rescue for four years in Yosemite in the mid 90's. His assignment for the most part was monitoring El Cap after he almost lost an eye rescuing a jumper that thought North Dome was a great place to jump.
The stories and arrogance he told us about the jumpers would curl your toes. He was there for event where Jan Davis had her mishap and was killed.
Yosemite is simply too crowded to have this and hang gliding endorsed and have newbies and arrogant flyers flying uncontrolled all over the place and creating potential hazards
Sorry, but I for one will continue to support the ban.
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Re: BASE Jumping in Yosemite Valley

Postby AlmostThere » Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:47 am

It's interesting how it's all about "our rights" and "freedom" when what you are really asking for is the right to maim and kill yourself and traumatize others. No, thanks. Not willing to watch someone hurt themselves in front of a million tourists.

I'll also thank you to leave all the political and the veterans out of your selfish appeal to do something dangerous. That works on me about as well as all the ridiculous ads to sell cars and whatnot with sex. Not a bit. I have more respect for those who serve than to support the cheapening of their sacrifices. And yep, that's pretty cheap. They died so you can jump off stuff? seriously?
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Re: BASE Jumping in Yosemite Valley

Postby rick56 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:05 am

In my twenties I jumped out of Hueys at Fort Hood for fun. On my last jump the wind was a bit high, and when I landed hard all the toes on my left foot were cracked when I hit a large rock. That was the last time I used a parachute. I honestly have nothing against BASE jumping, I'd watch it. But I really don't relish the idea of having my little boy watch someone's chute fail when they leap off El Capitain. Also if and when you burn in and go splat, who gets to pay for the cleanup? The NPS? Are you prepared to lay down some serious money up front incase you die? I know S&R has enough to deal with without adding dead BASE jumpers to its list of tasks. I am also a Viet Nam era vet and an OIF 3 veteran. I don't see where that should give you the right to petition the government to do something as risky as BASE jumping? There are much more important things to consider when it comes to your rights. Your request is rediculous, and petty. Sorry, but the next time I visit Yosemite I want to enjoy the view in peace and quiet, not hear people screaming Oh my God someone just jumped off that rock! Sorry dude jump someplace else.
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