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Best campground to target for FC/FS - driving from the Bay

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:56 pm
by berkeleyhiker
We plan to leave the Bay area at 5 AM this Thurs (7/29) and arrive at Yosemite to snag a FC/FS camping spot on any available space in Yosemite valley and north.
I have never done this. So I would love to know if there is any reasonable chance of snagging a place if we leave at the time mentioned above. If there is some chance of success, which campground should we target in order to maximize chances?
Advise on alternative ideas are also welcome.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:52 am
by hikehigh
Call 209-372-0266 the day before, and again when you are on your way. It will save you time driving to a campground that is already full. Tamarack, Yosemite Creek and Porcupine Flat will be your best options.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:48 am
by AlmostThere
The only walk in spots in the valley are Camp 4, which is also a walk in campground and sort of a zoo - not a drive in and park campground where you'd take the family. I would shoot for something on Tioga Pass, or Bridalveil on Glacier Point Road. You want to get there in the morning, Tuolumne Meadows for example is half walk up campsites, and they fill by 10-11 am each day, according to the ranger at the gate.

the other thing you can try is going into the valley to the kiosk in the Curry parking lot and asking for cancellations - but then you would not be able to hustle fast enough to the abovementioned campsites to get a walk in.

If you are coming in on 140 there is a hostel called Yosemite Bug in Midpines, and a variety of hotels that may have cancellations as well. Also there is a campground just outside the park in NF on that route. Here is a map of NF campgrounds outside the park, just in case.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:29 pm
by hotrod4x5
How was your trip? Where did you stay?