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ADA in North Pines

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:55 pm
by CA Cowgirl
We walked through the North Pines 2 weeks ago and noticed several ADA sites being made. Can't quite figure out what they are doing. Looks like a 12'x12' raised concrete pad about 2 feet high. How does a handicap person benefit from this pad? Do they put a tent on it? And how do they get on it from a wheelchair? Just wondering.

Re: ADA in North Pines

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:40 pm
by dan
I don't know--I haven't seen them yet. The accessible campsites I've seen are concrete pads with a picnic bench, and a sidewalk from the parking area to the pad. The parking is also paved or concrete. The nearby bathroom is also accessible.

2 feet high? lol--that would make it a challenge wouldn't it :-). Kind of adds the element of challenge to camping I guess. Hopefully, they will backfill the pad around it so it's just a few inches high.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:33 pm
by Hikin Mike
I saw the same pad on Lower Pines last month. Being somewhat handicapped myself, I couldn't figure out what the heck a 12' x 12' x 2' concrete slab would be called 'ADA'. Although my site wasn't a concrete slab (site #12).

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:42 pm
by Wickett
My best guess is so the wheelchair bound can stake a tent out. I was looking at them and that is the only thing that I came up with.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:56 am
by Hikin Mike
I should have thought about this earlier. When I was wheelchair-bound (~1 year), my father-in-law made a "platform" on top of one of the couches. It raised it 6", a total of 2', so I could get out of my wheelchair. 8)