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If there were Yosemite Miwoks, show us photos of them.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:46 am
by Yosemite_Indian
One thing that irks me is that many people go on an on about Yosemite Miwoks. They are so sure there were Yosemite Miwoks. That there was hundreds of them living in Yosemite Valley in early times. That the Paiutes were late-comers and Miwoks were the original Indians.

Well here is a question that people can never answer.

Where are their photos?

Who were these magical, mythical Yosemite Miwoks?

If there were so many of Miwoks living in Yosemite Valley, where are their EARLY photos?

What are they identified as in early days?

Do they mean the photos of Captain Paul? The one guy? So where was his tribe? And what happened to his people and his family?

I mean we have seen these:


Piute boy in Yosemite


Sadie McGowan, Paiute.


Tom Hutchings, Mono Paiute.


Chief Dick's house in Yosemite, he was Paiute.


Piute Indian doctor in Yosemite


Maggie "Taboose" Howard in Yosemite.


Bridgeport Tom and family in Yosemite.


Piute caches in Yosemite.

There are so many photos of Mono Paiutes in Yosemite Valley there are too many to post...BUT so where are the Miwok photos?

Where are the early Miwok photos?

Who were they? Apparently not in Yosemite.

Where they like the Legends of the Yosemite Miwoks? Just another legend? It would appear so because usually there should a record of people...if they did exsist don't you think?

If not, then they never where any Yosemite Miwoks.

The first thing would be many, many the Yosemite - Mono Lake Paiutes inside Yosemite Valley.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:05 pm
by tooprecious_06
If there are more photos why are all the same posted on line?
Where are all the photos of Bridgeport Tom and Leanna Tom? where are photos of there kids. I know Bridgeport Tom had 10 kid between Louisa and leanna? :?:

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:20 am
by Yosemite_Indian
The photos are of Mono Paiutes, but seldom any "Miwok". As you know Bridgeport Tom and his wives were Yosemite-Mono Lake area Paiutes and not Miwoks. We also have more photos of their children.