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Paintings from Yosemite photos project

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:52 am
by Stacy
I'm an artist who've been captured by the beauty of Yosemite. I've visited Yosemite twice now, the second time was my honeymoon. I took a lot of pictures with my average camera, and although the photos lacked a professional touch, they were valuable to me as references for my paintings.

I didn't see any postcards of paintings of Yosemite when I was there and thought, I would like to make some. But I didn't want to do it from photos of my trip only, I want to see what other travelers saw. So I started a kickstarter campaign to connect with other travelers in hope of doing a collaboration to create paintings from their Yosemite trip, which I then reproduced as postcards. Why postcards? Because they are really fun to send when you're on a trip.

I'm looking for other travelers and supporters of Yosemite to help me finish my project.
My kickstarter campaign is "Painted Yosemite" and can be found here:

You can see samples of my Yosemite paintings from photos taken from my trip there.