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Only part of a day, what do we see

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:37 pm
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Author: Jan M. (
Date: 08-19-03 18:38

We are traveling up near San Francisco to see family in mid October, and we are going to do a very short trip through, maybe spend 5 hours in Yosemite. What do see and do in a very short time?

Re: Only part of a day, what do we see
Author: Karen (
Date: 09-09-03 23:38

May be a bit late in coming, but check out this site:
Lots of info on Yosemite including what to do if you only have a day, where to stay,etc.
I'm going back end of Sept. The first time I was with native Californians and could only spend about 2-3 hours there. Not enough time. That's why I'm going back.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!