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Yosemite Valley Hiking Recommendations

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:34 am
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Hiking Recommendations
Author: N. Gustkey (---.ATHLETICS.UPENN.EDU)
Date: 02-03-03 12:20

My girlfriend and I will be in Yosemite from May 1, to May 5, 2003. We have hiked a fair amount of the Appalachian Trail and would probably be considered intermediate to above intermediate hikers. This is our first trip to Yosemite and we would greatly appreciate some recommendations for (2) one day hikes. (I realize snow may be an issue) What hikes would you recommend considering overall beauty and views? (Location is not a problem as we'll travel anywhere in the park) I'd also appreciate any other recommendations and advice for a first timer to Yosemite. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!

We'll be staying at the Redwood Cabins in the Southern
Part of the Park

Re: Hiking Recommendations
Author: Mike (
Date: 02-03-03 18:59

Since you'll be in the southern part of the park, Chilnualna Falls is right in that area. It's about a 9 mile round trip hike. Snow may not be that bad as it is at a fairly low elevation.

I'm sure you will travel to Yosemite Valley. While your there you can hike to the top of Yosemite Falls. This is a fairly strenuous 7 mile round trip hike, but will be worth the effort. If that is too much or if you have another day then a trip out to Vernal and Nevada Falls (8 mile R/T) would be time worth spent.

If you want more info on these hikes and others in Yosemite, you can visit my website, The Backcountry. The Vernal and Nevada Falls info can be found under Little Yosemite Valley and also under Half Dome.

Enjoy your stay!


Re: Hiking Recommendations
Author: Rich Maldonado (
Date: 03-25-03 14:59

A "must day hike" is the Vernal Falls / Nevada Falls hike. When you reach the top of Vernal falls a small lake (Emerald Pool) will appear that is just beautiful and a great place to rest and have lunch. After a short break, make your way to Nevada falls, just a short distance upstream.