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yosemite newbie needs help!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:59 am
by winig
So excited to have just snagged a reservation at the Yosemite Lodge (at the Falls) Aug 1 for me, dh and dd age 8. I have searched the forum for guidance but can't quite put together the best itinerary for our trip 1.5 day trip, Bakersfield-Yosemite-Mammoth. We can leave very early (suggestions?) from Bakersfield via 41. What should we do on our way in? Ultimately arrive at the Yosemite Lodge, any ideas for evening activities? Then the next morning, help :)(!) on our way out toward Mammoth.

I would appreciate any and all guidance. i am thinking about bringing our bikes. we are so excited for our first trip to what we know to be a magical place!