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Hetch Hetchy: is it worth the drive?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:05 am
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Author: Anne (
Date: 07-09-05 23:29

I never see too much ever listed about Hetch Hetchy. Is it worth the drive? Any recommended hikes? Is it a quiet place just to hang out away from the crowds?


Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-10-05 21:28

Hetch Hetchy isn't on the top of my list, mainly because I find the dam and resevoir depressing.

It's worth seeing at least once. It's kind of hot in Summer, but so is Yosemite Valley.

The road is open during daylight hours only. They also photograph your license plate. San Francisco is worried about terrorists blowing up the dam, I understand.

If you go, take the road to a parking lot at the end of the road, at the south side of the reservoir and dam. Take a trail leading over the dam along the north shore. A trail splits off to the high country in northern Yosemite Park. Stay on the lakeshore trail and you eventually get to Wapama Falls, most of which is above the reservoir level. The walls of Hetch Hetchy are similar to Yosemite Valley, but not as large or steep.

You can continue on to Rancheria Falls, but those are not as attractive and make for a long day.

Take water, sunscreen, and lunch.

For information on restoring Hetch Hetchy see

Re: Hetch Hetchy
Author: Anne (
Date: 07-10-05 22:13

We're going out to the park from Michigan, and have only 5 days there. So basically, there are many other things you would see first before Hetch Hetchy.