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Lost backpack at Yosemite on Sept. 29th.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:42 pm
My sisters mistakenly put their backpack in the wrong car at Yosemite Park near Olmstead Point and Cayoga Rd on Sunday, September 29th of 2013. This backpack has my sister's iPhone, iPad and wallet with cash & credit cards in it. I will pay a significant amount of cash for its safe return.

Contact Doug Griffith at 707-799-6575 or

The driver of the car with this backpack in it saw my sister get out of their car when she realized it was not her rental, and my sister mentioned she had made a mistake. She simply forgot to get her backpack out of the rear seat. The driver of the car with the backpack in it was Hispanic.

If anyone who knows the driver of this vehicle has heard about this from the driver....or if the driver tries to reach out and find my sister...please contact me as I live in Napa, CA.

Doug Griffith.