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red mushrooms

Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park. How to get there, what to see or do, and other Yosemite trip advice.

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red mushrooms

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:33 pm

Author: Carol
Date: 02-06-05 19:13

We visited Yosemite Park in May 2004. We visited Mariposa Grove and noticed several red mushroom/fungi. Could someone please tell me what these were called and a little bit about them?

Re: red mushrooms
Author: Ralph
Date: 03-22-05 16:11

What was the weather like when you were there in May 2004?

Re: red mushrooms
Author: sonja
Date: 05-02-05 21:00

we saw the mushroom May 1, 2005 and are now trying to identify it. If you know by now, could you please let me know? thank you.

Re: red mushrooms
Author: sonja
Date: 05-04-05 09:21

We found the red mushroom. It is actually a flower, Snow Plant

Re: red mushrooms
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 05-04-05 12:24

Snowplant is a fungus.
To see a description, type "Wild Flowers of the Sierra" the Search button on the top of this webpage then click on "Meadows" chapter. It has a picture and says:

SNOW PLANT Sarcodes sanguinea
One of the most spectacular Sierran plants, the snowplant grows 6 to 15" high. Numerous fleshy flowers on a single stem. June-July.

If you see red stuff growing out of an old dead tree, it's some fungus.

Both are poisonous if eaten, I believe.

Re: red mushrooms
Author: Thomas
Date: 06-12-05 11:45

The latest issue of Discovery magazine has an article on mushrooms. The professor &/or index of the mag that has "further reading" should help you find more about that mushroom.
Then you can tell me! My family just saw a slew of them on someone's front lawn (if we are talking about the same red mushroom, actually there are many types)

Re: red mushrooms
Author: Danny Lindsey
Date: 08-21-05 18:01

I have been stepping over a red mushroom about the size of a marble for a couple of months. It is under a large pine tree lying in the straw. It has not gotten any bigger nor has it dried up in the hot and dry weather we have had. (SouthCentral Arkansas)
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