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Mosquitos in Yosemite

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:39 pm
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Author: Carol
Date: 06-28-05 14:46

I camp at Yosemite every year in July and know th mosquitos can be bad. I have heard from several people they are even worse than usual this year. Any tips for keeping them away? I am one of those people they love!

Re: Mosquitos in Yosemite
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 06-28-05 15:04

Here's what works
1) Mosquito repellent with DEET. Apply sparingly and wash your hands. I hate this stuff, but it works.
2) Clothing treated with permethrin repells mosquitos. Last for a few dozen washings, then you need to re-treat the clothing. A lot better than DEET (safer)
3) Mosquito head nets. Not fashionable, but that's where they get me the most
4) Long-sleeved shirts and pants
5) Avoid wet areas and stay indoors around dusk.
6) Keep moving

It's almost a religious thing with some, but here's what doesn't work:
1) herbal mosquito repellents
2) Skin-so-soft

With West Nile Virus, one can't be so careless about mosquitoes as before.

One more thing: DEET safety. Don't buy repellent with high-concentrations of DEET. It doesn't give more protection. Use 10-35%, and for children no more than 10%

Sporting goods stores are good places to get this stuff.

Re: Mosquitos in Yosemite
Author: Trevor Woods
Date: 07-28-05 15:11

We used off this year which worked but not completely.
We also go in July every year.