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End of August Waterfalls & my Itinerary

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:40 pm
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Author: Denise
Date: 08-15-05 10:04

If anyone can tell me which waterfalls will be somewhat running the end of Aug. that would be great.! Also is Mirror Lake dried up? My fiance and I will be there Aug. 28th (3pm) to Aug. 31s (leaving at 10am)
Here is my itinerary I hope to follow. If anyone can tell me i'm crazy for trying to fit this all in, then please do:

3-4pm Visitor center - buy Maps
Lower Yosemite Falls Hike

4-5pm Tunnel View -

5-6pm Wawona/Mariposa Grove—Giant SequoiaTrees

7:30-8:00 pm Glacier Point Drive (30 Minute drive) SUNSET AT 7:45!

Monday 8/29
Rent bikes?
Hike: 9am -12pm Mist Trail to Vernal Falls (3 miles) 2-3 hrs.
Relax at Pool at top/Granite Beaches

1-2 pm Bridalveil Falls, follow hwy 41 to Fresno, turn left into pkg lot, swinging bridge-views of Half Dome, Yos. Falls & El Cap

Taft Point/Sentinel Dome 1-2 Mile hike from Glacier Pt. Rd. views of El Cap and Yos. Falls. Great at night! Best 360 view of heavens!

Inspiration Point 15 min. drive from valley.

Village: Ansel Adams Gallery
El Capitan
Ahwahnee Hotel!!
Dinner at Curry Village

Tuesday 8/30
Kayak? – Merced
Rafting? Biking?

Sentinel Dome 2.0 mi short/moderate hike begins along Glacier Pt. Rd.
Taft Point 2.0 mi from Glacier Pt. Rd. ?

Mirror Lake/Mirror Meadow – Bus Stop #16 or 17. Ask if it’s dried up!? Short hike on paved road. PICNIC

Tuolemne Meadows & Tioga Pass. Along Tioga Road, Rte 120.
Tenaya Lake..PICNIC tables & shady places….to Tuolumene Meadows
Tuolunme Grove near Big Oak Flat Road & Tioga Rd.

Re: End of Aug. Waterfalls & my Itinerary
Author: Fred
Date: 08-15-05 22:08

Our family will be there the same week. You are obviously an organized soul, but our past experiences would counsel against over-programming. The heat can be very hot in the valley, and the paths can be more difficult than you planned. The drive times seemed to take us longer than we expected when we were there before, and EVERYWHERE was beutiful. So I would figure which hikes were your highest priorities, and tackle them one at a time. Decide after a hike what to do next. You will only see a small percentage of the park, so rather than racing to cram it in, I would recommend that you set your schedule more like a possible list, and play it by ear. Then, relax and take your time with each adventure within the park. You cannot be disappointed. EXCEPT we probably will not see alot of water over the falls this late in the season.

Have fun. Drive safe. Relax. Enjoy.

Re: End of Aug. Waterfalls & my Itinerary
Author: Dan Anderson
Date: 08-21-05 18:00

Vernal and Nevada Falls, on the trail to Little Yosemite Valley, always have water. They drain a large watershed, so don't dry up.

Yosemite Falls tends to dry up in August as it drains the relatively dry and small Yosemite Creek Watershed. There is still water, but it tends to become a "trickle".

Bridalveil Falls also has water coming out late in summer, but not as much as Vernal or Nevada.

I think it's worth seeing in any case--very beautiful Valley. Don't let one waterfall stop you.

Going end of August...any tips?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:22 pm
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Author: Steve (
Date: 06-30-02 11:25

Hi. Going to Yosemite in end of August. I am about to book accom for 27-29 Aug. Are we going to struggle, or will there be something?

Also, heard a lot about August "crowds" but isn't it the case that as soon as you get off the beaten track (ie- 200 yards!) it should be more peaceful?

Any other first-timer tips would be appreciated!!!!

Steve, UK

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-30-02 11:46

I would get a reservation now if I can.

July and August is crowded, but if it's easy to avoid the crowds. Surprisingly the most crowded area is the supermarket in Yosemite Village. If you walk the trails, there will be a lot fewer people. All the falls trails are very popular, but l enjoy a few trails that are less crowded: the north and south valley trails that go east-west along the north and south sides of Yosemite Valley. From Glacier Point, south of the Valley, there's trails along the south rim of the Valley. These are all easy to get to.

By the end of August the Yosemite Valley waterfalls will be pretty small or dry.

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Steve (
Date: 06-30-02 13:31

Yeah, I would have adored to have seen the falls but I you can't have it all can you!?

I am looking at Yosemite Accom and there isn't much left except for Wawona. Is that OK?

The supermarket fact does not suprise me at all. In the UK we have a place called the Lake District, a very beautiful area and the research done there is that 80% of people do not stray more than 500 yards from their cars!

Finally, what will the temp's be like? I was thinking of camping but in a tent with no air con will it be humid/too hot and uncomfortable or what?


Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-30-02 15:15

Yes, Wawona is OK. It's right next to a grove of Giant Sequoia trees, the Mariposa Grove. There's also some pioneer historic buildings and a small waterfall you can hike to.

From there you can drive to Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley.

It's a long drive from Wawona to Tuolumne, the high country in the northern part of the park. But Yosemite is a big park.

It won't be humid. Yosemite Valley is at 4000' and is hot (80s F.) in the day. At night it's fine.

Most of the rest of the park is higher and the temperature is fine in the day. It gets cold at night, so you need a coat or jacket.

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Steve (
Date: 07-01-02 08:58

Thanks Dan.

1.) For the first time traveller, rate the two options:

Cottage Accom in Yosemite West - 3nts - $450
Tent Cabin in Camp Curry - 3nts - $160

OK, obvious price difference, but what would you do?

The Camp Accom my be basic, but in the Valley, more amenities etc
Cottage, much more comfortable but out of the Valley

2) If you are staying in the park can you use your car, or is the bus service enforced?

3) Any decent bars on Yosemite? Or is it not that kind of place?

Any tips appreciated.


Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-01-02 09:25

Personally, I would take the Curry tent cabin any day (at least in summer). You can't beat a location like being in Yosemite Valley and being able to walk around the valley from your cabin.

Camp Curry is rustic and basic. No carpet. Each cabin has 2 or 3 cots with a mattress with sheets and wool blankets, 1 light bulb, and (for most or many cabins) a propane heater. They have community bathrooms and a central showerhouse and swimming pool. Camp Curry is on the south (cool) side of the Valley.

Yosemite West accomodations are basically modern cabins or condos with the comforts of home--a TV, multiple bedrooms, kitchen, etc. It is close to Glacier Point and a short drive to Yosemite Valley, but it is not in the Valley.

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Steve (
Date: 07-01-02 13:07

Thanks Dan. We booked Curry based on your recommedation.

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Chris (
Date: 04-19-03 11:08

Hey there. My wife and I,along with another couple are driving over from the Bay area. We are planning on spending the 2nd half of the day in the park, spend the night, and spend the 1st half of the next day. What would be a short but satisfying plan of action. Thanks, Chris

Re: Going end of August...any tips?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 04-21-03 22:52

Not much time. I'd see the Valley going in, including the short Bridalveil Falls and Lower Yosemite Falls trail, and stop to see El Capitan.

I'll see Mirror Lake at the base of Half Dome.

If you have extra time, which you probably don't this time, I'll see Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail from Happy Isles. This involves some walking uphill for a mile or so, then back.

You can also drive to Glacier Point and see the Valley and Half Dome from above.

Two and a Half Days in Yosemite in Aug.:whats your Top 10?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:30 pm
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Author: Steve (
Date: 07-01-02 09:02

Hi, End of August, OK the waterfalls have dried up, you have two and a half days what would your Top 10 things to do in Yosemite? There is Half Dome, Glacier Point, Tunnel View, I have heard all kinds of things but I am after the all time Top 10 for Yosemite!?!?

Go for it......

Re: Two and a Half Days in Yosemite....whats your Top 10?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-01-02 17:01

Here's mine:

1 - 7. Yosemite Valley, including waterfalls and the north and south side trails, rafting down the Merced River (easy), and biking around the Valley.

8. Glacier Point, Sentinel Dome, and possibly other points along the south rim of Yosemite Valley.

9. Maraposa Grove of Giant Sequoia trees and the Pioneer Village in the Wawona Area.

10. Tuolumne Meadows--big and beautiful. Long drive to get there though.

Re: Two and a Half Days in Yosemite....whats your Top 10?
Author: Steve (
Date: 07-30-02 08:48

Cool. We'll do the Valley on Day 1. Day 2, maybe Glacier Point and then onto the Sequioia's. On Day 3 we leave for Death Valley, so onto the Meadows.


PS: How long will it take to drive to Furnace Creek from the Valley?

PPS: How long to get from the Valley to the East Entrace to the park?

Re: Two and a Half Days in Yosemite....whats your Top 10?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-30-02 10:18

Death Valley to Yosemite Valley? See the previous question for "Yosemite from Las Vegas." It's about the same. Maybe an hour shorter.

The Valley to the East Entrance (Tioga Pass, the highest road in California) takes about 1 - 2 hours, as I remember.

Yosemite Falls water in Sept.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:44 pm
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Yosemite Falls water in Sept.
Author: Freddy (
Date: 09-13-03 20:23

Is there any water flowing over the upper/lower falls. We'll be there the last week in Sept. Thanks

Re: Yosemite Falls water in Sept.
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 09-14-03 13:38

Just a trickle. For good flows, go before August.

Re: Yosemite Falls water in Sept.
Author: Freddy (
Date: 09-14-03 14:43

Thanks for the information Dan---this question was related to a question I also asked on the "Visiting Yosemite " section.....we wanted to hike up the trail to the top of the falls, but now may try the hike from the Tioga road down the trail. My other question was asking if there is any private group or anyone who can take us (we'd pay) up to the trail head on the Tioga Rd. one way so we can hike down...
Thanks for any info....Freddy