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bass lake to yosemite?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:41 pm
by archive
Author: elvin
Date: 08-11-05 13:59

hi, i am staying in lupine campground at bass lake and was wondering how long it would take to get to yosemite from there..

Re: bass lake to yosemite?
Author: Karl
Date: 08-12-05 11:43

You should be able to make it to the south gate in about 30 minutes. Add about another hour if you want to go to the valley floor. If you are going to do this on the weekend, leave early (like 7 AMish). The last two Saturdays I was leaving the park at around noon and the lines were very very very long to get in. I would guess the people at the end of the line were waiting an hour or so.