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Yosemite Field Seminars

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:41 pm
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Author: Gus (
Date: 07-12-01 13:24

I am considering taking one of the field seminars and was wondering what others thought of them.

Re: Field Seminars
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 07-12-01 13:51

I'd had classes from Bob Fry and a friend of mine had a class from Shirley Sargent. We both liked them a lot. The instructors were very knowlegeable. Bob works as a ranger and Shirley Sargent has written many history books on Yosemite.

I also know a few other instructors who are experts in their field, although I haven't had classes from them.

In summary, yes they are very worthwhile. However, as with all classes, I believe the individual instructor is more important than the organization that sponsors the class.

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